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Secret agendas truly a threat to democracy itself. I don't buy it. But I know you might. I am actually a card carrying member of the Deep State Trilateral Commission, Illuminati and the Mason So I disagree. It's John Hall Show C and you should listen to it. Sometimes it really works weekdays 5 to 7 on 8 90 W L s But you didn't hear it from me. May have missed stuff You want to hear again? Get the podcast at dot com from 8 90 double L s Welcome back. This is the entropy. Rashard number 855236 30 to 28 855236 30 to 20 Josh in London, Ontario, Canada. Wow, Josh calling from abroad. Your bench pressure go for Josh. So my question for you is, um, recently my girlfriend and I had split up because my political beliefs are different from her family's beliefs and her family. They're obviously Democrats and I'm a Republican. Know her and I got along fine for the year. When we're together. We never really discussed political matters. Consumers is genuinely interested in them. Anyways, I was wondering if you had advice on overcoming a difference of values, relationships or someone who has identical moral beliefs. So I think we should have the same. General moral beliefs is the person that you're dating. I think when it comes to dating people go about this wrong, actually have this discussion with Joe Rogan on his podcast Recently, I was saying that People who don't think seriously about why they're dating end up with the wrong person a lot of the time and then end up stuck. You know, the fact is that the way that you should approach dating is the way that you approach you know anything else. That is an important decision in your life, namely with the goal in mind. If you want to form a relationship with a person that is likely going to be a long term relationship in which you build the family in which you build a life together. You want to make sure that's built on the fundamentals solid basis values because the very beginning Isn't all dating at the very beginning, or at least a lot of it is built on whether you think the person is hot or not. But what studies center show What what personal experience for every single human beings. He guesses that personal relationships change over time. For the first couple of years. You have a very high degree of what Jonathan Height calls in his book, The Happiness Hypothesis, Passionate love, and you have very low levels. Of committed love. They're basically relationship based love and then over time, passionate love, tennis, proceed and sort of value based love tends to really increase over time because you're building a life with somebody. You have to know that that's going to happen before you start a relationship, because if you think that every day is going to be like the first day than your mind, it's not the way any of that works. So you have to think a little bit longer term. I think there are a lot of people who find themselves falling into relationships because they don't really think about the politics. They don't ask up front. They don't really talk about Used and then their shock when the person disagrees with them on fundamental things, and this leads to you know some pretty significant gaps. Like for example, we have a producer here. His name is neck and neck makes. I would say strange dating decisions because Nick very often will. We'll see to date people who he finds to be. Not just personally attractive, but also at sort of variance in values with him has happened several times, and I've told them what you ask up front. And Nick says, Yeah, but you know, they're really hot like Nick, I I get it, Dude, I get it. But here's the reality. Nick, if you want to have, like a long term relationship, maybe he's too young. Maybe doesn't want a long term relationship with somebody, Which is another thing, right? If you're dating for another thing, then you can basically do what you want. But if you're looking to date For the long term, and you really should ask, if, like the person is a liberal wolf trainer before, for example, you decided ate them. But you really you really should like that should be like upfront. That's that's the thing that actually happened, Josh just dumping just a dumping Nick right under the bus, and then after I drove over him for actually put it in reverse in the segment drove back over him to make sure that the body was cold. But that's my my take on relationships here. Is that a relationship so far, sir? Yes. So recently to my family member of mine after the whole black lives matter thing started. We had a disagreement there, too. And he told me in the car with a man like, Listen, if you don't think Trump's racist and you're a racist, and that means that you're not worthy of having dinner at my house, you can't be under the same roof as me. I'm sorry, man. You're excommunicated from the family. Like it's just me. And you know the family's probably one. The most important units like do I try to make their conciliation? We bring justice to clear some of this money belong together. I mean, honestly, the person is going to be insulting to you that they say that you are a racist. I'm not friends, people who think I'm a racist, mainly because they're idiots. Really? I'm not friends, video people who think I'm a bad human being don't tend to make like a great basis for friendship is one thing to have differences of political guys have tons of friends who just dread man politics like lots and lots of friends who disagree with me on politics, many of them famous latest free on politics, and we've had those discussions publicly. But if the person after you thought it was a bad person, which is what it means. When you say somebody's racist, then they can take a hike. I'm not interested. Very well, Thanks a lot, And I really appreciate it and appreciate it. And don't be like Nick. Josh. Think about what you're doing before you started dating. And that's also beauty. We're going make a poster here at the office. Don't be like neck and taking a picture of Nick whittling. Robin, Michigan, You're on Ben Shapiro Sugar for Rob. I am calling about the Ah Ah, last week when the obscene papers were released, Um there seems to be an overall lack of attention being drawn to it as far as the names that were put on as far as like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and there's no response on the people regarding the information that within this paperwork And I just My question is why not? And why isn't there more journalistic? Ah, you know, questioning going on regarding this? I mean, the answer. Rob is a couple of things. First of all the actual witness in the case, there is some serious questions. Asked about her veracity. Alan Dershowitz gets named a lot in these papers, and Dershowitz has basically said he's in a suit for libel. The woman who has done this. Dershowitz is fairly Taste fairly aggressive in is sort of legal presentation. He's basically said that he would be willing to sue this woman in order to get her to stop making false claims about him. She has made some claims that you are plausible some that air something you know something seemingly outlandish. The problem is that there's no support basis. Yeah. For what Julie Maxwell herself has claimed is my understanding that the documents have been released. If are not just laying axles on testimony the documents have been released are people who have sued just like Maxwell, so their allegations against his lame axel. The party's gonna be interesting is when The government cut some sort of deal with his lame actual to tell the whole story. That's the part that I'm gonna be interested in. So far. She hasn't said a word is my understanding, Rob? Well going to work. There's reference to FBI having pictures or videos from the 2014 request for that. I don't know if that was just an inquiry that was actually based on fact. I don't know The answer that either Robert, I'll keep it on. And I mean, I think they went when she's lame. Actual actually starts to talk. The the amount of the amount of information it spills out of her is going to be rather extraordinary. That is, if she's not suicide it first. So you know We will see if Justin Maxwell makes it to the point where she can talk or if or if she is Jeffrey Epstein as well. Rob appreciate the call John in Seattle Young bench before John Morning band. I'm calling you from mostly peaceful Seattle, But I'm sure you probably saw the SPD chief had a home of hers up in Northern Washington. Had a bunch of protesters show up there last night. So somebody's giving out those addresses publicly. And I'm sure it was Sean..

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