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Rodgers. Here studio with me, too. Hello, Patterson. Hello, Paul Rodgers Okugo. No. So, Tim, did you have a good movie week? This week? I had a pretty good movie week this week. Yes, I saw a number of films. Um, yeah, I had a good week. I would say overall. Okay, Well, good. We are good to have. So I'm happy about that. So what am I gonna trick you with this time? What are we going? Well, you know, you know, by the way, Oh, by the way, I I did just get your email like now. Really remember of Sonia's having all kinds of thousands receiving emails of get you not to use that particular browser. You need to use chrome or something else. I am using Kronk Oh, I thought you were using that other one that you know what you know, It's It's not chrome. It's It's the provider, which I will not even dignify mentioning the name. Yeah, yeah, you see? Yeah. Huh? There you go. Okay. What? Anyway, At least I got it. It was like it was three hours late, but I got it. Okay, Look, before we get to the movies because you have a bunch of movies and they end I you said some of these are really good. And so I do want to get to them fairly quickly, including one that is named after my favorite Scrabble word, uh, holding. Oh, I'm trying to think what that which one that could be, shall see. Okay, but I know anyway, I Just figured it out. Go ahead. Grand Course, of course, is that they are so last week. I had intended to do something that I didn't do. And it was because last Sunday was mother saying we never talked about, you know the really good movies. That are specifically about moms like Mommy. Dearest and there. Oh, there were some really good movies And then on the other side of the scale that there was that bad moms I love that movie. I thought that was really remember that movie. We talked about it at length. Yeah, we both love them. It was a great comedy, wasn't it? And it was so it really made it put you in the shoes of those ladies and weapons What they went through being Moms. Yeah, it was. It was so cool, And it's so opposite of Mommie Dearest, but you know, there's been some pretty good movies that have been about Mom dumb. You know, people being Mom's Yeah, I see what you know. I always think of the old movies. But did you ever see a film called? I remember Mama with Irene Dunne was a great play, too. Yeah, it's a great play, and it's always the first movie that comes to mind when I think of like Mother's Day movies. I mean that Z one You could watch with your mom. Yeah, that was really enjoy. Yeah, Another one was I call this a mom movie, but you might call it something else. The Joy Luck Club. Oh, yeah. Oh my gosh. What a beautiful film that one. It was so good and the stories so different, so compelling and the relationships of these women had with their moms. I mean, I thought that I really liked that movie a lot. And another one that I really liked was terms of Endearment. Yeah, that's a good one, too. When I first saw that movie, I thought it was a little weird, though. I mean, I didn't know where them whether I didn't. I didn't know where Aurora Greenway was coming from here. I think you do. You love your daughter. Do you hate your daughter? Do you love your daughter? Do you hate her, But we know you hate her. Your son in law. You can't stand him And you let your daughter know that every waking hour. Yeah, I loved it. I thought it was great. And I thought I thought she surely McClane right. I thought she was like I felt she was perfect. Um and you know relationships with others could be complicated, and I never had a relationship like that with my mom. But relationships with moms could really be complicated. Mother and daughter the mother and daughter, I think more complicated than mother, son. But what? Why now movie that it was not that long ago. It was within the past several years movie where the scene I remember is the mom and the and the daughter are just going at each other cats and dogs and cats and dogs and cats. Dogs and they're out together. And they're they're like in a in a shopping center in a store, a clothing store, and then one of them goes. Oh, look at this. And the other one goes. Oh, yeah, that would look so good on you. It was like in them this battle against each other, but oh, it was. Oh, gosh, it was the Oh, yes, Bond movies. Come on. I know this movie. Yeah. You know why I can't remember the title because I thought it was way overrated. It was with, uh, sir Sir Ronin and Timothy Shallow may was in that movie. And Yeah, What was the name of that movie? Remember? Um oh, Ladybird, Ladybird, Ladybird, Ladybird. I just That was the relationship between the mom and her daughter that I liked about that. That was the best thing about it, Especially when they're arguing in the car. And she just opened the car door and falls out Members. Just get her mother to, like, Stop nagging her. She almost killed herself, Literally. Yeah, yeah. You know they're complicated relationships, but that it could turn on a dime. So you're fighting cats and dogs. Then all of a sudden, you know you're sharing. It's so true. It's so true. Thinks that when the Sigmund Freud would have some say about all that probably know, probably were there any because I know you're You don't see a lot of movies, Paul, but Alfred Hitchcock I know is one of your favorites. Is there a mom story and an Alfred Hitchcock? Hello, Psycho. Yeah. There you go. Yes. Go and then the mother in strangers on a train who played the and Clary and B, which Oh, Mary in Lorne played the Mother of the of the other psycho in strangers on a train and she played it just like she played and Clara and you can instantly see the way they interacted. Why Bruno was the psycho that he was because his mother was just so like, I mean, she was just did easier than hell. There was also the movie wasn't about mother, but she played a key role within Joker. Oh, God. Yeah. Joker, huh? I love your favorite movie. You know, stomach. I take exception to that. You know when you know what When I saw that, you know, he was up for all kinds of walking Phoenix, right? All kinds of weird. Yeah. Won the Oscar. Yes, he should. But it's not that hard to play a crazy person. Crazy. Yeah, You could just act stupid and that crazy? Yeah, maybe so, but his portrayal was pretty unique. It was pretty damned amazing. And so I agree..

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