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Rise. Have a traffic tip called W B l 504 to 6 Owen. Thank you, Joshua. I'm Dave Cohen with one more stories. We get back to don to Buchanan for Tommy Tucker, now on WWL. John, Have you seen those big inflatable swan's and unicorns that are all the rage now for the kids at the beach? Yeah. In fact, Ah got one from my granddaughter. I don't know how big you talking this one. You, Khun, You know, it's like maybe two kids cedar. It's a flamingo with a thing in the back and she loves it places and we got to keep an eye on him, though ah family that brought their daughter to a beach in the Gulf of Corinth in Greece. Had a big inflatable unicorn for the 45 year old girl to play with when the winds picked up and carried her out to see half a mile off of shore. They used a ferryboat to go and rescue the little girl riding her unicorn. Off into the sunset. It's humorous, but it could have ended up. Ah, lot worse. Yeah, you know, just like ripped odds you know, off our coasts get suck swimmers out when the tide starts ripping line then and it could certainly happen on somebody on one of those floats. Thank God, this has a happy ending. But could you imagine watching that four or five year old and they could you know that shit was happening happened so fast? They said they saw her playing and within 30 seconds the it just dragged her out. And before they knew it, they could barely see her. And that's when the ferry boat was called in action, and she was rescued and looked very happy. Despite the fact that a stranger was plucking her from the water when they finally did get her onto the boat. Yeah, and we had a similar situation to that happened in our family and the little girl, you know, she didn't even know she enjoyed it. She was laughing. She didn't panic because she was too young to know that she was in a little bit of danger. Is she was rescued course had a great ending. Thanks, Dave Appreciated Fine just a little bit. We're gonna have ahh Mike Cooper, president of Saint Tammany Parish, come on, update his concerns and give you some some information about what's happening in ST Tammany Parish before the last break. I asked you about your opinion on meteorologists, and you didn't disappoint me. I got a lot of text messages and I'll get to some of those little bit later on, But one thing I also liketo asking only do you trust meteorologists? And do you sympathize with the tough job? They've gotten criticism they take or do you think they deserve more criticism? Also want to know where do you get your weather source from the get it from radio. Do you get it from TV? Do you get it on the Internet? What source or source says you best used to make your determination to get the best information you need on whether you can text that to me on our mortgage financial text line at 504 to 6018 70. Right After this, we'll be back with President Mike Cooper of ST Tammany Parish and update you there on the situation as far as storm surge and Other information need to know is we track Hurricane Laura? Fortunately, moving away from the Metro in a woman's area. Unfortunately towards Calcasieu Cameron in the Texas State line, we're back right after this. I'm going to be filling in for Tommy Tucker. He will be back, probably next week. I'm thinking depending on when he recovers from his Any replacement will be back after this. Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll probably moved along and see if anybody noticed you, mogul on tell people to stay off the lawn, Compare it to your neighbor's.

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