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Sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently watched new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy any energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people on the planet alluring. Welcome to this week's episode of active. I'm sitting here today off in the tech join us then caster also is Alice Bruns. Who was the permian thousand commercial manager for Baker Hughes outs? He's the measure Being York. Stay Chris thanks for having me along and a half savings for my first interview. Usually I I always enjoy getting to see everyone face to face interviews and this is a i. I don't know great so I appreciate in there with the technology today on our player. Will WanNa thank everyone who has share our podcast with friends and in college all over the world and of course right here in the basin and I'm really appreciate each and every one special thanks to those who've been so kind enough to leave is star review on itunes? I want to just remind you. Please feel free to send those. I tuned review user. Nails your way to increase appreciate each and every one of you so thank you. Thank you and four to a hearing from all of you and I also afford Gary who so. I had a couple of suggestions Aso. Thanks for doing that. Let's get started Alex Bruns. Joining us out in charge of temple sales per minute and is also the commercial manager. Alex I am doing through all this. How do they all it's GonNa Right? It's definitely I kinda say the normal for us now with both. Kobe didn't unfortunately under twenty dollars oil time recording. So that's a big change from where we've been at the last few years and recounted learning how to adjust right and that's what everyone's Dannenberg talk more about that and just I I wanna get to know a little bit more than how you got started in the gas business. I appreciate that question so my start in your own. Gas Industry is from. We really unique. From what most people listening here. I grew up in Minnesota which is definitely not known for their oil and gas at all and then got a degree in chemistry and went on to graduate school for Environmental Engineering. So really the getting into the oil and gas industry itself started because I didn't want to be that laboratory technician with a degree in chemistry in really be outside and do more outdoor activities. And that's where most of my research and has been from educations perspective so I really wanted to stay in focus his time outside and I happened to stumble into a few different companies that use regroup in Michigan where I went to Grad school at and they had these banners that had folks dressed in Fars wearing hardhats in. They're all outdoor scenes and that really got my attention and adult flying at Baker Hughes and a few other companies and Baker Hughes ended up to be where I got my start at originally in the Gulf of Mexico as a few engineering drilling. So it's been pretty wild ride since that start for a lot of different positions that I've had but it's been it's been a blast everyday learning new things and learning about industry and a lot of the nuances of it and all of the terminology that I'm still trying to get my head around all the acronyms and things like that since my parents and family have not grown up in the oil and gas industry. It's a unique challenge to explain to them what I do every day. What was the most surprising Akron that they thought that one probably like Doghouse was probably the biggest one coming from drilling? I was like what are you talking about like? I want an offshore drilling right now. There's dogs out here so we're trying to really understand what that meant where to go and and some of those other catwalk in some of these other names that in all honesty one of my trainers when I was first joined the company John. Lott and bill who still with US ACRES? He would always quiz us on the first quiz that we started on was named ten animal named things that are on rig and then the next week it would be fifteen and the next week. It'd be twenty and that really stood out to me of. Oh Man alive and Mayan for a wild ride on on learning new things related to animal name so it was a good.

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