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I'm excited to continue studying him, obviously, not eligible until the twenty twenty one draft. But really impressed with him the other freshman Justin Ross wide receiver was so hot early in this game. Made a lot of plays down the field of big kid who can run a little bit. And. Travesty N who has been a workhorse for this Tigers offense over the course of the season. He's got some juicy kind of solve open up their late in the game with that long run down the left sideline. But a really impressive runner that will be eligible for next year's draft out twenty nineteen but for twenty twenty so ET N named keep an eye on for the future with the one guy who who stood out Ross, I didn't know too much about. It's funny. I watched a little bit of Clemson this morning. And he continued to stand out was Isaiah Simmons a converted safety turn into a linebacker number eleven showed up in a lot of different ways in that game. So Isaiah Simmons is a guy that I've added now to my watchlist based off of this game. I was really impressed with them. And then the other side, I mean Notre Dame, you know, they just got overcome with injuries. And, you know, Julian love the talented corner who a lot of people feel will declare for this draft. He was hurt for most of this game. Khalid Korean the talented pass rusher. Aloha Gilman the transfer safety from navy who did come back and and had a forced fumble late in the game. But a guy who was very active Hughes in and out of the lineup. And then authencity I mean, Ian book just never looked comfortable at quarterback was dropping his eyes had a lot of bad decisions with the football, do not even plug classes where he let go but just stuff where he the boss should have come out, and it didn't then Dexter Williams. They just couldn't get them going. The talented senior running back couldn't get him going against the towns and Clemson front and Clemson was able to to make them pay. It was it wa-. It wasn't a good game in terms of being competitive. Put interesting with all the young town that stood out of both sides of the ball for the Tigers. And you know, friend, I'll add to that. It was disappointing and the injuries nerd aim..

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