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Staffer this time a top aide to the vice president has tested positive for coronavirus Katie Miller the press secretary to vice president pence is now the second confirmed case tied to the west wing after a valet who serves the president's meals tested positive on Wednesday Miller is married to Stephen Miller one of the president's senior advisers and tonight her test is raising questions about whether the White House is doing enough to distance the president and vice president from others for his part president trump told reporters today the whole concept of tests aren't great as are his words and he said he's convinced the virus will just go away without a vaccine his own advisers have said that's not true tonight the number of confirmed cases in the U. S. has grown to nearly one point three million and more than seventy six thousand have been killed by covert nineteen nationwide it all comes as we're learning just how many Americans are now out of work today the unemployment rate reached fourteen point seven percent that's a number not seen since the Great Depression and there's late word tonight about that mystery illness affecting children that may be connected to corona virus doctors now say it has taken the lives of at least two children there's a lot of news to get to on this Friday night and our correspondents are covering it all CBS is Ben Tracy is going to lead us off tonight from the White House ban nor every White House staff member with close proximity to the president and the vice president is now being tested every day but despite their potential exposure to the virus the president and the vice president are not following their own administration's guidelines to wear a mask and quarantine news that one of the vice president's closest aides Katie Miller tested positive for the virus delayed Mr pence's scheduled trip to Iowa Miller was not on board Air Force two but six staffers who in recent exposure to her had to be removed Katie she tested very good for a long period of time and then all of a sudden today she tested positive he hasn't come into contact with me spend some time with the the vice president Miller is with the vice president nearly every day her husband is senior presidential aide Stephen Miller president trump attended their wedding in February held at trump's Washington hotel despite the potential exposure Mr pence did not wear a mask while in Iowa we also now know that president trump was in the same room as his personal White House LA on Tuesday the day before the.

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