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Lend eddie graham as well worked in memphis midsouth mid atlantic georgia championship wrestling and joined the wwf. Nineteen eighty-three and even before that he had a tag team in mid south with ted to be aussie winning the mid south tag team. Titles against Michael hayes and terry gordy In nineteen eighty and I think he even. I think even teamed with the junkyard dog that same kind of that same area. He was a single star in mid south five time. North american heavyweight champion beginning in may nineteen seventy eight and from the team with With jimmy snuka mid-atlantic. I mean he was all over the place and he worked with a whole bunch of the greats of course joining the the wwf after that when he when he started he joined in. Vince mcmahon's national expansion. Plans order was he was one of the principal individuals involved in the promotion of the very first wrestlemainia of course he. He teamed with roddy piper against hulk. Hogan and mr t. at the inaugural wrestlemainia eighty five. But then on top of that he is one of the key components that made wrestle a nut wrestlemainia but but hulkamania work. He was the complete diametric opposite of hulk hogan an attitude right. He was still charismatic. Abbadi guy sure. All of that but orndorff was in personality. The perfect foil for for hulk hogan if i if i remember correctly and i didn't if i remember correctly After the wrestlemainia match roddy piper blamed orndorff for the loss so that led into an angle where orndorff aligned with hulk hogan only to turn on hogan after that in orndorff joined the heenan family. So you know he was. He was perfect in this type of situation to be the he'll and especially a fantastic foil for a whole cogan and of course i'm pretty sure a lot of you have read a lot of the history of paul orndorff. Of course he was. He headlined the big event at In toronto at the toronto exhibition stadium back in eighty six. Eighty six where The event drew like seventy. Wwe says i think seventy four thousand people drew. But i think it's like sixty one thousand paid. Look i mean these are details. It was a huge event and he was. He wasn't the headline. he was main eventing with the with ogan in love. Wwe in nineteen eighty Where where he'd wrestle in multiple places in his last major run was with Wcw in late nineteen ninety two where he formed pretty wonderful team with paul roma one. What a way to what a way to go. But he transitioned out of the ring in nineteen ninety five Started working as an agent for wcw. And i think It's around this period. Where the the legend the big story popped up where he where he he knocked he not vader down got got into a fight with them and just clocked down..

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