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When they get there. You can see the door actually close in the back of the van now. A lot of people didn't think this was the van originally. But it's been tied with a sticker on the back of the bumper and florida license plates. That's what i was looking for. I was looking for that sticker. Yeah stickers on the back yep yep it's definitely there and i believe. Don't quote me on this one. But i believe her body was found relatively close to this location will. Isn't this now that i am talking. Maybe twenty feet from where that van is parked. Now that i'm looking at these pictures. There were also people that thought that she was in the front seat. I've heard that too. Yes we same exact video so so the the belief with the the thing on the log is that they believe that gaby is preparing to post some sort of pregnancy announcement. There is another thing with her pinterest where she had like baby thing on her baby page. I don't know anything about pinterest. So however i i will say that. It's a little odd that that thing is in that video so another another witness reported to the fbi and this is the one that i talked about earlier reported to the fbi with exact coordinates the location of where she spotted a slow moving white van with a male quote acting weird. This allegedly the fbi told this lady that this is the lead that led to the body down for what you take that for what it is. It's just her saying it. They have not confirmed that in any way but take it for what it is and the final one which. I'm sure you've seen but it's a couple talking about how they had picked. Brian up on the twenty ninth while he was hitch-hiking. Yeah the young couple yeah. Brian offered them two hundred dollars for ten mile drive which was obviously very odd to begin with how was also. It's very odd especially when they just stated two weeks ago. They didn't have any money right. They were. They were worried about getting a hotel that night. So you know it. It's weird but people do weird stuff in this in this situation. We find it all the time when we go over the stuff. So what are the odds that this random youtube channel is in the area and catch is a right right dude. That's so okay. So anyway they. They were heading to jackson hole wyoming which is where they got in that restaurant argument. The family and wants brian finds out. They're going to jackson hole. Instead of jackson which is another spot in the area. He freaks out and gets out tells them let him out and he's going to go hitchhike a different way. He needs to go to jackson. Not jackson hole so again. Take that for what it's what it's worth You know it's just somebody saying it but what we're going to focus on here..

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