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All right, everybody. Welcome back. We are here today to be able to talk to you about a wonderful little train. And when I say this name, you're going to even think of two different one. His locker to, he hung out with the Ninja Turtles. And that's right, we're talking about Casey Jones today. Wonderful strain over there. Brandon, what kind of strain are we talking about today. Did you mean Davy Jones? Davy Jones? Casey Jones a wonderful strain. What type of strain is it? This is going to be a sativa dominant. Hybrid. Jones is a fantastic wake and bake, strain. One of the top ones out there. It's mixed with train wreck and tie an East Coast. Sour Diesel ink also popular for the Ninja Turtles and the original Casey Jones, back in the nineteen hundreds who died saving a ton of civilians on his tray. Oh that's right. That's right. Yeah. So if you're into trains or hockey masks, maybe check it out or turtles. Yeah. Yeah. No. I mean and and I've had personal Spears. Chase Jones actually going to give a shout out to Willie, Nelson's Reserve that's the one that we remember that one. It was pretty good. You know you'll go through different cannabis over there and for those who are getting indoctrinated in the Cannabis world, they're all going to smell the same. They're all going to smell like skunk e, hayat, smelly things that you've grown up or if it's anything, like I smell pot, but it's definitely not. You're getting some really soft tones with this one very earthy smell, but a wonderful way to be able to consume straight flower. If you're doing it that way, either through a pipe bomb or whatever may you may be using, but it's wonderful in that sense. It's it's so rough. I remember that one fares finally over there, there was an industry and we got, they're going to that one another episode. But you know with sativa over there and as you can tell, there's a theme at that one, I'm a huge fan, Brandon likes them, but prefers is Indica so, you know, a little bit of sugar. Spice. Right? I'm more of the spice Brand's. Very sugary for a little sweet. So separated my coffee. No. But you know so it can take a strategic. A question that's in my head is somebody is going into sativa hybrid sativa dominant hybrid, what are they looking for? Now when I mean let's talk about more of Baptists and all before the recreational. Yeah of course some Casey Jones is it's actually really Pleasant sediba so it's uplifting. A lot of people use it for anxiety and depression and stress. So it has a very chatty after affected conversation. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Sometimes a certain strains such as in a very strong Indica, not a whole lot of conversations going at know. You become one with the couch. Yeah. Or just staring at that one. This is a great time to like watch movies and it doesn't have to be dead. Like deep Clockwork Orange you know, Pink Floyd The Wall type movies and like you could literally watch anything. You could watch one of the worst films of all time. Battlefield are actually quite enjoy it. I would say, I don't need a couple sativa, I don't know. Like I definitely is like what you stated, it's more of a conversational, you know, would be great at a get-together bought a party over there. Would you say that an edible would be preferred or would be smoking flower or vape? That depends on you. If you are new, I always put a recommend flower or if they suck Vapes are usually higher concentrate. So my go-to, if your new is always going to be flower, but a lot of people don't particularly like pagemill. So if you're going to do that, there's teachers or our pens, The Vaping is easier. You just get a slightly higher concentrate. So dosing always start low and slow down. Well, you talked about that, too. I mean, some of the ways that I was introduced to cannabis was like a bubbler instead of a pipe and the bubbler actually helps a lot with that one. You talked about before another episode that we thought we were like an ice Butler. Yeah, they have ice catchers at the top of the bomb. Actually, most of the big water pipes, they'll have some of them will have an ice catcher, which is just a little spot that sticks out and you can stick to 3 for ice cubes Up, Up Your Bum stem. And so as you're pulling, it'll cool it down a lot. And if you are new to cannabis, that is a very easy way to be introduced, it has really soft. And it mean, you know, you are inhaling. I mean, let's not beat around. The bush is a carcinogenic smoke, all smoke is carcinogenic and it's one white, but it doesn't have like, when you have commercialized tobacco, right? That is going to be, they've got additives to that one and birth. To get into. Like these are all the chemicals, that cuz it's a lot of it as in the plant from the growing. That's where a lot of these chemicals come from is pasta size, things like that. And that's one of the great things about cannabis is dead. That is typically frowned upon within the industry, to be able to use any type of, you know. Oh, yeah. Mainstream like, I gotta keep these bugs off. That's where a lot of these are grown hydroponically off inside, grow houses over there, there are outside ones but they use our own special blend of herbs and spices on the line there. But I mean it's kind of go off but you know it is. It's it, you know, when you talk about that one and you always go to that and I always wondered why you're like, hey, you know, flowers probably the best way into it. But, you know, take take me through. Why is flour by far? The easiest way to be able to be introduced to the Cannabis world. Yeah, the feeling that you get doesn't last long. Along with flour as it will from an edible, a tincture, even a vape, see what it doesn't hit the same highs because it's flour. It doesn't have the same concentrated dose. You're not going to get quite the same highs and it comes down faster. So if your new always low and slow, take a low-dose, see how it hits. Wait, 30 minutes waiting on a few smoking. You know, and see how that affects you because you don't want to have an experience that your very first experience is miserable and not because of that you stay away from touching it at all. Yeah, I would agree. You know, I told you about years and years and years ago. I mean this is over twenty years or twenty years ago man. Yeah about that. So a twenty years ago had an experience with cannabis and he got to the point where I was so nauseous I was throwing out. Like I didn't think that was possible but it definitely is. And that's why, you know, the heart into it, Brandon just said, you know it's better to go slow and low. Somebody that one if you're you're smoking it over there, taking a small break without inhaling, ready, double puff, fill them out and filling your lungs. When you're you're letting it out, you don't want to see this massive like Dragon cloud coming out, right? You might not well, you definitely, but I mean, and I'm at that point where I can do that but, you.

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