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For ricky wells dot COM Those books or life changing As well they accumulation of all those three hundred books that I read when I was in prison So if you get a chance check them out. All right man so We got two more over friendship page. Every time I refreshed. I keep saying we got two more so Jordan I usually don't give double questions but you know what man this interviews been inspiring he says T- BVD's good investors. Would you invest in? Tb The now but you think about that one thing. That's us the box invoice. Tbb Is the acronym. But we'll talk about that and the last one now Michael Duda. He's he. He made the contact mic on you but the last one that let you go is from the UK who says Cayote who says is Wilder Legend. Now and part of the boxing hall of fame I don't know yet I'm not Educated enough to make that call He is making waves though. If he can continue to win another couple years he he very well could become that now. You said you didn't think he had the power of Tyson right. That was the that was the game. Yeah yeah well you know your power comes from your from your legs I if I was a working water I would definitely get him somebody to start Working on his is his neck straight. He's torso because when you can print your feet Saad it on the concrete. I used to be a heavyweight when I was in prison and be at squad twice a week and I could tell the difference when I had a had did squats. I play basketball as well and I know that when you have been doing squats you can plant yourself and you can lift the Guy or three times your weight so it is very important to get your legs. And I think that if he improved his his leg ability and his mobility that he could become one of the most dominant fighters in in that in that in that division. Now isn't that. What makes them a freak of nature that you know law of men says you have to have these big legs to possess Powell and he's been knocking people out with toothpick lags people that way fifty pounds more than on on the average? Yeah but you know if you run into somebody like a Mike Tyson in It would be a different story. You know one of the things that that that I have a problem with a lot of these fighters. They can't divorce themselves from their life. You know do reason that I'm having type of success and I'm having is that I was able to divorce divorce myself from the world when I got out I didn't care about what was going on in the world I didn't care about who was going to the grammys or be key award. I stayed on my grind and I kept grinding. I kept grinding. And I believe that these fighters have to start using mentality and if they do You're GONNA see a different type of fighter. Well Mr Ross. Maybe WanNa thank you for your time. We truly appreciated It was a very insightful interview We want to continue to get you. Back on. Especially to follow your. You know journey with impact network. Obviously we are the box voice so we're truly interested in You know what what goes on with Austin first and foremost like we told you. We have him scheduled for ten thirty tomorrow morning. And he's been a you know a person that we we've been friends with for a long long time so you know I really WanNa see him. Get all three of these tune-ups and that Taras Crawford Opportunity Man so Yeah Man we would definitely love to get you back. GonNa soon as you have some more boxing news for us and thank you again for your time. Appreciate you and remember that a man always gets what he wants what he deserves. Thank you Mr Ross. Thank you brother. They have it ladies and Gentlemen Freeway Ricky Rauch Salute to Mike Man. That was a special tree I I was not expecting to get that Mike You know made it possible Very good interview. Various Duration Amana to see a person. Turn it around like that. Boy is what's up as sub and shirt eighteen thousand with a shirt sheesh she. I never made eighteen thousand over his TV shows. Whoa what an interview okay. What do we got? Andre Ward says while the feary number one and number two propaganda or is it playing facts. I'm just reiterating that to the listeners. You know and we're going back out to the callers so looks like we are but sees what up. Oh Shit. Hello Yes Caesar. You hear me yes. What's up TV? I WANNA G- regulate you guys. Yeah Okay you'RE GONNA GET ANY MEAT. Man was good with good man. How you guys doing all good brother all right. I'm GonNa Bluetooth warehouse this. I don't know I don't know why people try to tell them. Tom And talk me. Not But I always say no Bluetooth. I already know it. Don't matter which one it don't matter. I'm telling you I got both. Maybe the apple was the newest ones too they have. They have more technology than the first set of airports. But we'll have to try that. Caesar you ready though Fort. We hear you perfect a man great entertainment great interview. Yes sir. Thank you I just want to register as a fantastic show amazing interview. That was really insightful I was really interested in that interview man. And when you guys announced it I was like hell. Yeah do And I just learned a lot man. I learned a lot from from Ricky Ross and appreciate his his his grind man is due to the Israel Just he's a motivator mant so it was just a just a real real nice interview to listen to have me going at work man just all pumped up but hey man I just WanNa say Great Interview Gray. Show keep her life man and you guys have a wonderful thank you man. So we got some super chats riding a seven oh The only person Oh actually Scat rant says because he loss to a twenty five and one underdog. That's why he's not that's why he can't be number one or the top. I guess 'cause he didn't really emphasize and then we got a ride in eight. Seven other says I think Ross ended his boxing era going at at. How would the laughing out loud Emoji and then ride comes back and says Ross is demand love the interview? Keep IT UP. So thank you right in seven. Oh as Scott rants For appreciating the interview and sending that Supachai We'RE GONNA go out to mastermind in the know. Ladies and Gentlemen Mrs he comes from..

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