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You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back in guide your here, and Harry is up next. Hey, Paul good afternoon. Good afternoon to you, Paul if I can get a yes or no aunt if it's possible, it might give me a second SAS my second question. So I'll try can can the NCAA penalize LSU, regardless of of what the outcome is FBI. Take thing is because of the actions of of coach, wait. Yes. Okay. Could that have anything to do with LSU probably having a tough time trying to poke you a competent coach right now. I mean, they could have I would think if it's not legally can approach people agents and beginning negative vibes. Is that possible? Sure. Yeah. Listen to me all y'all yet to these things are very simple there. Couple of executive search firms out there that you could call and get a list of candidates and have them already working on the due diligence and besides you can also eighties have relationships with with agents. And that's that's part of what they do. They meet with agents all the time. And hey wh-. What about this guy? What about that guy? I would think Joe Aleve already has a list. Now the question is can you convince someone to take that job? If you believe if they believe I should say that LSU is going to get hit by the NC, double A, right? Right. So so so basically Paul is it possible there waiting to finalize the way decisions based on the fact that they just simply think once they do that. And they don't get anybody. They really want. Then the fans really gig. It get a little upset. Do you think? That's I think they very well, maybe waiting for someone it's possible that they they have someone targeted that just takes awhile. I I I don't wanna give Joe alita too much credit because frankly, doesn't really deserve it. Okay. Well, I appreciate fall in and look human jaw the final four and we'll see next week. Thank you skipping, right. Past friday. That's okay. I don't mind read is up next in North Carolina. Hillary. Hello. Paula abdul. An in reference to you. Mentioned in about you tie ROY way of should retire. Why do you think you have the right to tell somebody when they ought to retire read? I don't have the right to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do. And I'm not doing that here. I offered an opinion. Which is what I'm supposed to do as a talk show host. Okay. Well, maybe it should offer opinion about coach caver retiring because he had pro playoffs and he couldn't he couldn't even get into final four. Well, he made the day. He made the made the elite eight last year while ROY was getting blown out on North Carolina soil. Well, let me ask you a question. What are you North Carolina fans so sensitive about about ROY? I mean, it's listen he's a good coach, but he should have retired after he won the national championship which is university bought for him to the tune of about twenty three million dollars in legal fees. And since then it's it hasn't been all that great in the NCAA tournament last year was bitter disappointment this year was a bitter disappointment. And if you want. Roy Williams and quit trying to compare yourself to do. Well, why shouldn't we do last year? And we had him on the road. We should be mean in Chapel Hill. Did you re read by one point? About one point. I don't listen. I don't care about second-place finishes. Okay. I don't think they give a trophy for that. And not and not the past is you've always come by the way, ROY re has your has your women's program doing Chapel Hill. I don't know what's going on with today's. I gotta learn how to talk like a Carolinian. Oh, maybe you should since you in Charlotte's. I've no doubt. I gotta get. How do wing at the end of the call? Thank you. All right. But. A day. That's it's gotta look tell me this. You're from North Carolina Archer is a little bit of that Virginia in there, isn't there? Yeah..

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