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I. Yeah judo over makes sense. Bradford del diggle ahead. Maybe dan khokar fights him instead of Instead of fighting the macho gregory gillespie. Yeah there's some matchups in there. There's douglas smashed in there. He should he should get a teaneck. Does jeremy stevens go find the ufc after this. You both think peer he does. He does he. It's not time for him to go into bareknuckle boxing. Yet though he'd be a frigging star. They're so i don't know why he well he wouldn't do is wants to employ him but no i think he gets one more five straight losses livestream. That's and that's not counting the no contest right. You're skipping skipping the so six six winless appearances five actual losses yeah five actual losses neuro. I give him one more fight against someone who's a little stand up close close. I don't think jakarta's who. Who does i think they hate each other day. Who's they don't want to. I think they genuinely hate each other to the point where they don't wanna work together anymore. It's that kind of hatred for gernon. Kara worker them trust me. I don't think stevens does stevenson's missing all this mess about like. Oh i don't respect him again. I know he's just talking. But i feel like this is the only fight that keeps him in at this point. 'cause like i feel like i don't know if like litmus test is the right word to describe them but i feel like him being like the over the hump guy. It's over like it's done. No i think the teachers him up with someone else. Who knows gonna to stand in strike because i think they thought that was going to be like that with camera. Began routes like super well rounded and like an amazing grappler. So maybe they just had it wrong Because he shocked that single leg like right away and get took the fight down. I guess because game one last night against holtzman binoche. Oh he'll he'll he'll be extended battle with him and see events like well didn't turn out that way so i think are guys who are you know. Stand up guys at the match over stevens and it can actually entertaining german takhar coasts last night. Not very well. There's like a fight of the year. Can render against drizzling. You good i agree. I liked your clothes. i dmc cares about him. Look the way they had. They had agreed that eighty nine candidate situation. He has not come to our closest defense at all. He has very he likes site. Swipes at hundred car calls has handled the situation. I don't think he's gonna give him the chevy stevensville. Jerry is is one of his boys. And i don't think he cares about being that match up again unfortunately because it would be great. Yeah the storylines. Great it's like a true grudge match and they call babbler it all the time This this one is the jet. Yeah i i wanna see that one. Now i wanna see i wanna see. I've never said. I wanted the edge of card clubs. I never said. I got to see this. But that's if i want. I really wanna see i listen. This promotion has messed up edwards all jones. So don't tell me that. Stevens truecar colts have to happen. Because i don't. I don't trust them to necessarily do the right. Promotional thing here okay. It's gonna be it's gonna get booked for like unc. Ju sixty six. You just watch war fighter. The night lemus coach. Then the torius believe is mel ray. Promo code are. She's paul heyman of managers of the paul. Heyman may magic just so good. Sure sure you don't need you know we need to do. We need to have a video segment featuring our own gear may crews will we take what the fighter actually says compared to what while he'd says and then have ghirmay like actually translate it to what the fighter actually says see if they're like how close and probably more how how far apart the two statements are because that would be amazing psych mad. Love it i would love to be. I mess his green immediately. Because i'm like i was like okay. I i tweet. I handle sort of tweeting stuff out from art finding account during the show. And i'm like i don't feel tweeting out. What what What elitist translating not because it's offensive rating. I just don't trust him. That's what he said. I can't put a. I can't feel like mandalay said this did she. But who said for the most part. He did kind of transit. What she said he just added a lot on top of it. That's what does he because he because usually has translators. He's not a translator. he's an interpreter. she's she said but this is what she really means. You know so it's great. I remember i remember what he does melt before. Figueredo was the champ. When you just winning fights and he would know figure into the post by scrums figure it says a couple of things but then volleyed kind of talks for ten minutes over like a thirty second you know thing and like it was so interesting and like he sold me figurados like oh i wanna see this guy. Fight so Yeah i get. Those aren't real quotes. But he's doing his job perfectly member. After was the to fifty five. When figueredo beat alex perez is the same car merano brandon. Roy val and figuring goes up to the oppressor in all of his answers. Four seconds long and then like bullied retire for like eight minutes at a time. It was awesome so good because the point where we just ask questions like how did you how did how does your fighter field tonight. It was just..

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