DOW, Robert Muller, President Trump discussed on Bloomberg Law


The sp five hundred is up a tenth of a percent up nineteen now the dow's up sixtenths of resented one hundred thirty one in the s p is epi tents were set of nineteen the 10year is down ten thirtyseconds the two point one eight percent west texas intermediate crude is now doubt seventenths of the present at forty four forty four barrel comex gold is down the tense percent at twelve forty six fifty and outs the yen's dollar eleven fifty the eurodollar eleven fifty one and the pound a dollar twenty seven thirty three that's your bloomberg business flash now more deemed burt law with june groso thank you greg is president trump under investigation my special counsel robert muller the president in his lawyer seemed to have different opinions on that yesterday trump's lawyer jay sokolow took to the sunday talk shows to proclaim that trump is not under investigation for obstruction this was to counter trump's own tweet friday that quote i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director witchhunt joining me is former fed it'll prosecutor robert menzies the head of the white collar and government investigations practice at mccotter in english bob cycle put forth several theories one being that trump has not been notified by the special counsel that he's a target would dismissal council have to notify him at this stage of the investigation uh it clinton likely that the a special council would have destroying be notify anybody frankly that there are targeted the investigation my suspicion.

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