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Because if i remember correctly you know the person who was in this role before really just kind of handled more of the store experience and this is really kind of conjoining digital with sore. What's that span light. It has been really exciting. The last twelve months as we've gone through on the probably been one of the most exciting challenges in my career We went on the entered. The pandemic we're in the midst of this historic moment to racial justice. Which is seeing itself articulated in the beauty shells and this entire period. I can't imagine a better place to have been than walmart. The country's leading grocer got customers coming to us in a weekly basis and we were allowed to continue through the pandemic our scale and its stores combined with our digital platforms uniquely positioned us to serve the customer and to deliver both convenience and delight in an unmatched way. I mean we're addressing larger social challenge as well. We liked the center on racial equity. We committed one hundred million dollars to support racial justice committed to becoming an environmentally regenerative company. Just become so important as covert has made us all aware of the fragility of our planet And so the all. This is to say that there's a lot of momentum and energy within walmart today and the beauty team particularly over the course of the last twelve months we built. This team combining really exceptional merchants with some exceptional additions from the outside and together were forging a path and i'm your retail During the first few months we spent a lot of time listening to the customer to our branch to each other. And i've been really struck by how fast we've been able to move in. The few short months to this team has been together. We've nearly doubled the pace of our new brands coming into beauty aisle revolving our stores to work in a new way. Accelerate the freshness of sermon on our show to make it easier for the customer and increasingly. We're stepping outside of a retail environment to connect with the customer as well where they are kinda showed us through our tiktok shopping event. We held a few weeks ago. So manage by the speed of energized. By what we're learning and we're just getting started. He made a good point. you know. Obviously during the pandemic like essential retailers you know became even that much more essential but i know that it was challenging in some ways that in that the beauty department obviously was not the main reason people are going to stores. But how did you kind of maybe connect as we kind of decay. More of our new normal like. Hey you're gonna go buy your sexual items. And then maybe there is something new and exciting for you over here in the beauty.

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