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Artist doesn't even look at this. Well that's that's a good way to look at it. Also don't get lucky we just We're lucky certainly fair enough grass. Go to question for you. What's the damage. Well this is a fancy new statement. Isn't it because last week there was too much good new stuff. So we've saved this for the second show of the season and we're looking back at how we bid because it's good to cape accountable but I guess there's a little bit ahead we're going on for this week. One was bay like this plenty of great antiques. There well done tame job green with envy. Yep this is how we went and this was around the country as well from last week. mainly scratched. He's gonna run of the valley. Greis that you'll see loves you might be stripping him again spoiler alert and also yourself as well. That was a great effort around the country as well. That's we'll the blonde in that expert. Not very exciting to add to define a couple. And i'm going a little bit ambitious this week so it can pick up where liftoff understand that. They're being a couple of things that have picked raised throughout the wake. What can you tell us. They certainly have well. I think they will saying these footage which will be popping up very shortly. East saying jill's sandy's nibble nibble magazine about four. I am luckily horse on the inside gets chocolates and we avoided disaster. We'll just watch it one more time. He was actually going past to win. Also the ants auden distributes competitive journeys will to hike the other. He just wanted a very very hungry with that. It's you're gonna just gonna say yesterday. What as a person on top. What are you trying to do there. Because you're just trying to try to you where you just signed come on boy. What actually the skill that you are required to getting back on the job on a fade your family and win the rights that the show on. What are you trying to do is a little place of the nass. Steel that runs rolls tape. A front they pickers and in the middle is get with that. Still pace of road that broadway coal guys for then. That's you pay steering. And then i've got the groin does at the back and they want sty tight control and they go on the solder. They'd shake you have no control over five hundred kilojoules and you could say the joke wanting to get that straightened out. Pull the roy ryan but The horses having none of that he was just a nasty place of work. He was staying. I'm glad you explained the chewing away because someone else who bit off a little bit more than i was. This man knew if i say told your own air in three minutes you seconds and then i'm coming back to gretchen hundred.

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