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So into the same the same school. Hopefully, okay. So you don't want to go first in this game. No. But I'm going to rotate because I like Jay you go I in this one. And I I it's five O J. Your name is Mia Hamm. Do you know where Mia Hamm went to college? No all right Mace same school. So this person went to the same school as me him, Julius peppers. Jimmy guess North Carolina harassed. Wow. In greg. We're going to get Michael Jordan. Oh, yeah. So mesas on the board with the point. Okay. Greg. Your name Mason, Mason goes, I all right Mace. Trevor bauer. Gotta guess Texas. Ain't hardy. No, no, Greg MAURICE Jones, drew UCLA UCLA. Okay. All right. So greg. You're back. You're on first, right? Wilt chamberlain. Do you know, I I don't know where he went right J, Paul Pierce. Oh, no. All right Mesa. It's yours for the taking. Joel embiid. Can I ns in Kansas is right? Yeah. So Mason to head to all right next one j you go first here Emmett Smith. You gotta guess. Oh, that's Jerry Rice. Now. Now Mace Joe him Noah. That is. I know it that helps. No, you gotta wait. Kim is three annoy. No, Greg, Tim tebow Florida. Yeah. Greg Greg, and Steve f to j doesn't have any. Okay, Masons today, you go first Bill lamb beer. University of Michigan. No, greg. I was thinking Jerome Bettis limbering beddis wants the same school Jerome Bettis. No, no J Joe Montana. Oh, Notre Dame. There you go Jay's on the board. Okay. Who went I that time who had who did I say Ampere to Mason gate, Greg. Roger clements. Baseball tough. I don't know falls. Jay, Ricky Williams. Do you know? Miami. No mace. Kevin Durant, Texas. There you go. All right, Mesa third. You're always getting off the easy. Well, but no, I rotated every time. I know. All right here, we go. Jay Odell Beckham junior. Now, I don't know Mace Pete Mira vich LSU. There you go. Mason is one away from winning it. I am Mazlan. Yes. You get to go. I don't say. All right. Frank Thomas hall of fame baseball player. Frank Thomas back to Auburn correct game over may win as you heard Michael the background. You heard Michael in the background heard, Greg. The only way he could have heard Michael in the backgrounds. If you push your bet, I've been my foot lives on. I don't say anything I'm on. It wasn't from Michael. I knew he went to off. Okay. So wait a minute. Because because this one's in jeopardy. We'll give you guys. We'll we'll let you guys play through. And we'll make Mason get six. All right. Makes you went. I that time so Greg Jim Brown. Syracuse correct. Right. That's three for you. J berry. Larkin. Former baseball and be berry Larkin now have no Mace Charles Woodson Michigan. There you go came over there. It is. All right. So we made him get six, but Mason, you very well there Mason game. I like that game. Okay. I like taking. Yeah. I've got a bunch of moral doing on a different day to. All right. Let's play the birthday game. All right, six twenty minutes on the clock than we've never gotten to twenty right? Crack Bank is an all time record nineteen is the record. All right. So Jay kill kill the music is this tense, right? And start with first Clint fans. Okay. She played Rachel on friends. Jennifer Aniston head coach at Duke basket. Mike coach K, George w's brother, low energy, Jeb forty four score and seven years ago..

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