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Here on second and goal. The give is to Henry. He'll throw and Henry throws a touchdown to Austin hooper. They hand it to Henry before he gets to the line of scrimmage. He floats a three yard touchdown to hooper, his first of the year and the Titans pull one out of the back of the playbook to take a 20 to 9 lead. To love the description from cabbie hudler Westwood, Juan Ben lieber on side of the Titans roll over the packers 27 17 with Henry rushing for a touchdown and throwing that touchdown. Ryan Tannehill throws for 333 yards at a couple of the touchdowns, Aaron Rodgers goes down just by two 27 and two TDs, the packers are four and 7. The bears are on their way to Atlanta. After a practice today and a little time tomorrow, they're about a field goal underdog with tight end Cole combat and DB Kindle vildor limited at practice. That's an upgrade while Kevin Jenkins and academy Muhammad remain out with minor injuries. Be here for game day analyst and Super Bowl bear. Tom thayer bears falcons preview at 6 45. Loyola loses by 19 to Tulsa down in Myrtle Beach after the game was tied at halftime. The bulls host Orlando tonight. Josh, news radio one to 5 9. WWW? 5 48 traffic and weather together on the 8s, here's Neil fiorito. Oh, what else no slick conditions all throughout northwest Indiana, 80 94, 65 the toll road and spots as you make your way to the Michigan state line. Same deal on I 94, which is where we begin a couple of trouble spots starting with the eastbound side of 94, traffic is stopped before the Indiana toll road that's a crash all the lanes are down so you want to stick with U.S. 20 or ridge to avoid that, then I 65 northbound traffic remains at a standstill, past state road two, the U.S. two 31, a rollover semi taking out the lanes, U.S. 41 is a good option. Traffic also really heavy in north of that area between 61st and 80 94, getting word of a crash through that block of delays too. South bought a jam up before a 109th where we're getting word of a crash

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