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Donald Trump, Russia, Soviet Union discussed on Fresh Air



Um it's a little bit more surprising that they show up so much with the trump administration and part of that i think is just the way trump and and the people around him have operated for years they have not been particularly discerning about where the where the money comes for their projects and they'll do business with anybody well and as you point out in your book about the panama papers um it it became hard became difficult for donald trump to get funding from us banks because of his bankruptcies r near near bankruptcies and because of all the money he spent in civil suits so he looked to other places and i guess russia was one of those places the oligarchy for were among those people he turned to yeah i mean he he he absolutely no hungered for that money and he was doing business with people who were very much in that orbit in of people like uh to fica reef who is a had a company called bay rock and worked with trump uh on the trump soho uh which trump gave the naming rights to an end did other stuff for um and to fee grief is a guy who made his his family made their initial fortune at the fall of the soviet union they they ended up with a bunch of uh a chemical factories that had been privatized um so i mean trump went where them where the money was and where people would now ask questions too much and and a lot of that was sovietbloc you know former sovietbloc money um now that becomes a problem later on course when he becomes pressing united states and because donald trump has not released his tax forms there's a lot we don't know about his finances.

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Donald Trump, Russia, Soviet Union discussed on Fresh Air

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