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Is wrong. with Antonio Antonio brown I think the guy has some mental issues are. I think the guy has had hits to the head that have made him unstable because this guy has gone through the worst possible time to be an NFL player which is the O. T. A.'s and in the summer of training camp in even though yesterday he thought that he this was all a plan to get out of training camp what this is when the fun starts in the NFL and this is when you get paid the money on your guaranteed contract you know the the payments don't start you get seventeen payments in the NFL get paid on Monday if you play on Sunday and if you play on Monday you get paid on Tuesday and Antonio brown is going to miss out on nine hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars every single week because of what I think is a is some some some CTP issues something's going on because they just went through the toughest part and all that you all football players out there you guys remember going through training camp and having to go to two a days and now that nobody nobody likes it nobody likes it and everybody loves the game week well here we are in this guy's throwing a fit during game week something's wrong something's wrong with this guy I think he's got he's got to get professional help this is the guy who is clearly deranged he's he's crazy he's crazy he's got to be he's got to be crazy beyond belief to turn down the opportunity to make not in at thirty seven thousand dollars a week after going through all this crap to get that is no money for training camp. I think it's like two thousand dollars a week like a fifteen hundred to two thousand all the week that's it. you don't come firstly in the post season you get less money than you would normally get during the regular season as well I'm big. you know the the the post season money a big what a Super Bowl winner I I let me check because I don't want to just throw stuff out there are we we got time to it took to get to that number but I don't think that give you go from winning the wild card through the civil what think is like a quarter million dollars that's a huge pay cut from where you were making nine hundred.

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