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Are how they should be keeping healthy and i'll say one more thing peter because he got was stoked up if a milo yiannopoulos was a good quarterback i would take him on the bears right now he has a first amendment right to be a fool with his politics if it could throw that football cowley camper next better football player than half of the bears on that but they won't put them all because they don't like what he has to say peter that bears are hurting selves see what i'm saying i can't think what is milo provide of social benefit to the world guys can you help me out here is sheer young you know this stuff what is milo provided though right now colin kaepernick could be a better backup quarterback the mic then or marks edge through the tobacco pursuit of know what i'm talking about all you do lilic ultimately leave troll of the already troll there live on ford trama live on on reddit in the dark web miller they're using this they're whatever he brought up right to this directive from the ultimate from the book the conversation inequity the inequality that that's happening in this country me as a mexican person by the mexican immigrant who grew up in the united states the things that we faith of things that my fellow classmates my fellow neighbours who are black and brown of all colours grew up in the south either the inequality that we faith any quality we live with are still arguing foot than the rug by focussing under an icon copper nick right and i think that old timidly it's like cooler we give the microphone to ray and so i i would love to have this conversation right with the those that don't have the mic those who don't have access to to to a microphone and the speaker buckler eminem was and by the way and is a his wrap about it our idea and another caller for me absolutely we're going to give the mic to liz liz i believe wants to talk with all the woman sue garza hey liz how's it going repair great topic uh i have a couple of things i vote pretty our press hi am sure away from air and ethnic krahn procam i hope you invite p in donors and can handle air to register people who are not registered to vote put a private an army of its page and i can't and cook county dealers.

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