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So there there's apparently a lot of turmoil over the markets right now the market's been up and the reason America's been up is because it turns out that people are pretty optimistic about the direction of the economy Wall Street focuses on economic recovery on Tuesday stocks rallied along with crude oil prices according to The New York Times yes you have hundred rose more than one percent shares of delta United and other big carriers rose also so did Mary out international oil prices have been climbing all month as the restarting of factories resumption of travel raised expectations that demand would rise news of progress and I think about it has also been a factor fueling the gains Tuesday was no exception the re opening a business it's been another factor so of course the economy is rising because we hit rock bottom it's hard to see any other direction it would go exactly with that said that is not stopping some critics in the media from being very upset the market is rising Hey Andrew Ross Sorkin who is on the show but he he did a he he didn't segment today this morning with Joe Kernen he ripped into her and why because current has been talking up the stock market he says well that's just you cheerleading from month now that's actually just recognizing that we are moving out of the worst situation into a less bad situation Hanneke about ever going out again panic enormous if you didn't what good is it there had one thousand people died you know and all you did was try to help your friend the president that's what you did every single morning on this show every single.

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