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Susan's neighbor, and friend QC Hellawell could not shake a feeling of dread. I was just I just felt nauseous all week couldn't sleep eat was constantly eaten up with worry. We were picturing him having left her out in the wilderness somewhere to freeze to death because he didn't wanna kill her something. She kept talking to reporters and funneling information to the west valley police department telling them to look at Josh she also started to suspect. Josh might not have acted alone days into my husband, and I were just lying in bed. And it was something like twelve or one or two in the morning. We were just lying there. Neither anything for a long time. And I didn't even if he was still awake. And I was just lying there thinking, whereas she wears she what could have happened. We've gotta find her at so cold, and my husband said out of the blue what if it starts his dad. He's been obsessed with her for so long. What if it starches dad what if he convinced Josh to take her and give her to him, and that would get her out of joshes hair? Then he'd finally have the wish that he's wanted for all these years Josh's own sister. Jennifer graves shared a similar fear. Susan had told Jennifer all about how Steve Powell had confessed his love for her back in two thousand and three. Jennifer told the police her dad was a slithering snake with a slick tongue and could not be trusted. She also told detective Ellis Maxwell. She thought her brother was responsible for Susan's disappearance for me just kinda summed it up like this guy's definitely involved. He's definitely responsible. As Ellis was puzzling over the drugs in Susan's medicine cabinet and Josh was draining Susan's retirement. A pair of detectives were in Washington state, Gavin cook and drama favor had gone there to speak with Josh and Susan's family's as well as their old friends. They were especially interested in talking to Steve he agreed to meet with the detectives at the south hill library. The detectives recorded their conversation here today is to just get. Your thoughts. Your relationship with Josh? And and your knowledge, Josh and Susan's relationship this kind of build this huddle together. Just so we have Steve described Josh and Susan's early marriage struggles he said he thought Susan was conflicted about her faith. He confessed his own falling away from their religion. And claimed Susan being latter day Saint led to her repressing her sexual desires. Steve said there were times he could sense a kind of vibe from Susan almost an electric current. Detective cook wanted specifics Steve made reference to two thousand and two when Josh and Susan were living in his home. Overseas. May ever make any comments do specifically was physically the see touch, or you know, you know, that that goes along those. I mean that you. Early. Really, really? Steve didn't want to talk about it. But detective lefavor came back to it. A few minutes later. You susan? Ago. There's. Uses of yours. Really? I mean. Yeah. I. Steve just couldn't help but admit his sexual desire for Susan his missing daughter-in-law once that was in the open. He gosh d-. It was as if a dam had burst. Inter. Is sort of the whole. City.

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