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Always? Hey, mason. Or Michael Mason asked me in fasttrack. Do you think America would vote for a bachelor for president people don't care anymore? They vote black person that people say would never happen gay openly gay candidate vote for sure you think so. Yeah, I think so they wouldn't America's evolved. Dave, wouldn't they wouldn't elect a female candidate? Oh, yes. They would. Yeah. Well, I mean, it isn't the wrong one. Yeah. That's all. Definitely will be in my lifetime. It definitely will be. Right now. Okay. Make president Haley twenty twenty four president Haley, Nikki Nikki Haley spoken like a true right-winger. She is smart. TMZ thing. Look like, though, if we have a bachelor president like imagine he goes out like Jimmy Garoppolo did like he goes out with film star Corey Booker is supposedly dating Rosario Dawson. Okay. But I thought he was. Oh, that's way. Cory booker. I thought I thought you said to gay candidate was viz. No, Pete Buddha. Judaism mary's. He's the the game air of southbound. Oh, that's not book. Oh, you know. I I asked earlier if there's ever been a player who talked his way out of town like Manny Machado did and out of LA. Yeah. And Danny Rollins, Danny? Thank you, one of our listeners gave me one and prize. Eight didn't think of this. Who's our question is who said this? I think you're you'll be the one that gets it one two three Cancun. Oh, Nick fan. Nick Vanak saw they they were playing at the end of the season. And you're like say defense on three one two three Cancun like, and it was in the middle of a playoff series say that well he was in the huddle, and they had cameras in there. Over the air. I think and and then out and that was it. Nobody likes. Nobody likes still mad at the Matt Kuchis Kennedy caddy for rat nut met well. You know, you cave coocher finally caved. I didn't even know what any of this means you didn't do any of that last week. Oh my gosh. You missed a great story. So what's what's the man culture is a pro golfer? I know that much one eight tournament one point three million dollars, and he gave his caddy five grand, which is less than one per se. A pre pre existing agreement with the caddy, but still three thousand dollars to caddy from that weak, and because he wanted to give him a tip of two thousand so give no you gave an extra five, Jim and q. Give them like a forty percent tip and use the for catty, you give them depending on what your ten percent of your regular caddies five percent of easy substitute. Yes. Okay. So Kucha gave them five thousand right? And this is a private at one point two one point three million to let you know a had he given him five percent. It would have been sixty grand. Oh, gave him. Out of Tipton more too. So before you make your point, and let me tell you how it evolved because it's critical to what you're about to say. So Mace the caddy calls them and says, hey, I know you gave me five grand, but I've been talking all the other caddies and all the other people round here. And they told me that I should ask you for five percent because that's standard. And I don't want these other caddies being mad at me. And I don't you know, you one one point three million. You gave me five and they said to this caddy. Nope. We had a deal. Look if it'll make it go away. I'll give you an extra fifteen grants and the caddy said the caddy said, no the twenty. So what would have been twenty grand the caddy said. No, he goes, I wouldn't I wouldn't do it for any less than fifty right now getting five percents sixty right? So then he went to a golf magazine and tell them the story, which is where you have a problem any e- outs..

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