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Weather maker. I'm ABC seven meteorologists Veronica Johnson in the still night, seven Weather Center currently in our nation's capital, 33 degrees at 6 47 on W M A L. Okay, So here's a crazy story. There has been a bunch of signs put up in Alexandria, Virginia. I'm specifically at a park called Bren Mar Park in Alexandria and I know this place and it's got in the signs say noticed. Fire Harms prohibited and it's got a picture of a Of a handgun. It's with a circle around it, and it's Xed out, sir, lets you know if you can't even read, you know. No guns were allowed here on its written in five different languages to really drive home. The point. So you know that concealed handgun permits. Don't even authorize your ability to carry a gun into this park, so it's become a subject of contention in a really bizarre stories popped up from all of this, Uh, there's a Second Amendment activist group in Alexandria, members of the Virginia Gray ranks. Apparently. According to their own admission to the Daily caller, they took the signs down, actually took them off the posts. They brought them to some other location, and then they shot them up. Now the signs were full of bullet holes now and then they brought the signs back, and then they attach them back to the post. So not to get it confused that this wasn't like some sort of drive by. They didn't come up and just start opening fire on these signs. They quite literally took the signs down, brought them to another location, shot them up and then brought them. Back and then spray painted things or at least gold markers. Words on it. Things like shall not be infringed, meaning their right to bear arms and the spokesperson, spokesman for this organization, Matt Rose, told the daily caller. That they want to put up signs will take them down. They want to go farther than that. We will, too. He said The signs were targeted quote to pull a little bit of a hit on the city's wallet, but not one that actually hurts people. They are targeting these signs that have been posted, Rose told the Daily caller. And they're the signs have been put up in Richmond and Fairfax County parks, and they were the first a series of quote. Proportionate response is Um and and they're claiming that the rest of the state can expect to see similar forms of protest soon to quote we're bringing the fight to places the right has not been brought to before. Places that have not seen protests were civil disobedience by gun rights activists before, and he wants them to repeal these ordinances that prohibits citizens from exercising their right to self protection. This is not the way to go about it. Right. This is not the way to go about it. This is what happens is I think the left purposely pushes people to the breaking point. And then when they do something, they point to it. Go see, these people are crazy. That that's what they do. This is not the way to handle something like this. I just think that, you know, I understand. I get what you're trying to do. I understand your frustration. You know, I understand the whole you feel like you're getting having your gun rights taken away in Virginia, which is absolutely happening absolutely with you up until that point, but taking the signs away, which, again you're is illegal. I'm pretty sure you know that to steal the size and then shooting them up and then putting them back. It comes across his kind of like a warning. It comes across in a way in which you may not have intended and I got to say it's kind of childish sorrow. The message that you're conveying is lawlessness. Not that you're not that your lawful that that you're trying to protect the public, but that you're conveying a threat is what you're saying. You know, You know what else he says To me? There was no woman involved in this decision. This was a group of man because a woman would have said, you know, we might want to think twice about this. I thought, I don't know if that's how do we know that we don't know that because women are the ones who think back to when you were younger. And if the guy's a bill like it, let's go do this. And when guys kind of get together, like like it expands, and and, yeah, I know what's to this knows everything gets crazier and crazier. And then if there's a girl there, a woman there who will say I don't know if this is such a good idea. And they kind of give him a little pause to think that's all I'm saying. I grew up with brothers I want would watch it happen all the time. And then it would take someone a girl to commit. And statement don't know such a good idea. Yeah, I think there are plenty of men and plenty of women who have reached their breaking points in a lot of issues. And, um, you know, this is This is again. This is an odd This is a deeply odd story. I saw the sisters What? What is going on? You know, Alexandria, Virginia, Right in the middle of an area is not known for, like gun crime or anything, but they're blocking people off from bringing their concealed their lawfully carried constitutionally carry guns into these areas. The responses to shoot up these times to take them somewhere else, shoot them up and then put them back up. And they claim that they're going to continue to do it. I'm actually amazed that this guy gave an interview on this subject that he just was like, Yeah, we did way did it. The cops didn't even know about it. By the way, the country like oh, the Fairfax Police Department, according to Daily Car is unaware of the incident that had been reported as of Monday morning, and now they're looking into it. Well, no kidding. The amazing story Anyway, There's any meaningful updates will bring them to you. But for now, just have some comfort. If you see these signs, they weren't actually shot on sight. They took them somewhere else, and then they brought them back. 6 53 on W E mail. This plant here for low vision specialists led by Dr Thomas Azman. Since 1975 they designed special glasses to give you back the gift of sight when traditional glasses can no longer help..

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