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Being if there's a way vic van could figure out how humans could not get kanther when exposed to radiation uh this is very early in the research at actually have been published in a peer review journal yet but uh kind of preliminary research that they're doing and that many many many more things to account uncover uh as we go forward were speaking with doyle rice at usa today's written a piece since idled can coral get cancer research ix examines the keeney a tall where us dropped twenty three atomic bombs about the animals around the islands here they they got a couple of species there there's though one the species of what they call the coconut crab added got older rounded nibbles on the coconut fair are on the island and other coconut as far as they know our possibly contaminated through through radiation through the groundwater who you think the coconut are contaminated yet the crab seemed to be happily eating away on them and show no sign of a notion shows no sign of any disease and that kind of a mystery that bell continue the unraveling also they did the species of nurse shark who aiming around in one one of them had only one dorsal fan most or all nurse shark is supposed to have to fend for that with kind kinda they thought maybe that the side effect a of example of radiation uh uh the jewish and they are in there again they're still kind of researching at how dangerous is for the researchers to being a place like this here you can't live there that that that if you can view nice place to visit but you wouldn't wanna live apparently you can't you can't i drink anything or eat anything humans camp on the island info the very shortterm exposure that the scientists might get they they fell to is is okay but as far as actually if anyone tried to repopulate our live there again that's not something that they can do in the near prep vive in the distant future i i guess it's just best stay away unless you're just taken a short visit there.

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