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<Music> Yeah <Speech_Music_Female> I'm just I'm <Music> just thinking when you're talking <Speech_Music_Female> about you. Know obviously <Speech_Music_Female> stresses <Speech_Music_Female> You know <Speech_Music_Male> thing that causes <Speech_Music_Female> all sorts of metabolic <Speech_Music_Female> problems in <Speech_Female> right now. <Speech_Music_Female> She's a piece <Speech_Male> this <Speech_Male> is. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> Stresses <Speech_Female> Sane Yeah. <Silence> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> Yeah, <Speech_Male> it really <Speech_Male> is and big <Speech_Male> for a lot of people <Speech_Male> they don't understand. <Speech_Male> Why do I <Speech_Music_Male> wanna through <Speech_Male> baggage or KIA <Speech_Male> chips when I get home <Speech_Male> from work if I'm working, <Speech_Male> I <Speech_Male> look at that Tortilla <Speech_Male> chip bag. I almost <Speech_Male> want to hug it. <Speech_Male> You know it's <Speech_Male> like. It's <Speech_Male> all that salt. <Speech_Male> My want that <Speech_Male> crunch and <Speech_Male> you know they'll eat <Speech_Male> pass being full <Speech_Male> right, they'll. They <Speech_Male> won't be able to stop <Speech_Male> because their brain. <Speech_Male> Saying no, <Speech_Male> your belly might be fooled, <Speech_Male> but I'm not <Silence> satisfied yet <Speech_Male> and. <Speech_Male> Getting people understand <Speech_Male> the impact, <Speech_Male> you're not week. <Speech_Male> If you're under stress, <Speech_Male> it's <Speech_Male> understanding that <Speech_Male> you you may have <Speech_Male> a different senior digestion. <Speech_Male> A lot <Speech_Male> of people don't realize if <Speech_Male> you have insomnia. <Speech_Male> It's a disorder <Speech_Male> of hyper <Speech_Male> arousal meaning. <Speech_Male> Your brain took <Speech_Male> on too much stress during <Speech_Male> the day, <Speech_Male> and it couldn't unloaded <Speech_Male> it night <Speech_Male> and now <Speech_Male> has thinks it <Speech_Male> has to be at high alert <Speech_Male> at night, and <Speech_Male> so we need to do a better <Speech_Male> job at trying to help people <Speech_Male> to calm down and not <Silence> just give him an axe, <Speech_Male> or give <Speech_Male> 'em PROZAC or <Speech_Male> give them something you know, <Speech_Male> something you. <Speech_Male> Kinda <Speech_Male> quiet <Speech_Male> the ship. Let's <Speech_Male> teach them <Speech_Male> breathing. <Speech_Male> Give them nutrients <Speech_Male> like CNN <Speech_Male> or Laura <Speech_Male> or holy. Basil <Speech_Male> that help them <Speech_Male> calm down at night, but don't <Speech_Male> have such A. <Speech_Male> Such a <Speech_Male> high side effect profile <Speech_Male> and and <Speech_Male> get them to learn <Speech_Male> to manage their <Silence> day. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> Yep <Speech_Music_Female> absolutely <Speech_Female> can't can't agree <Speech_Female> more, so <Speech_Female> we have two minutes <Speech_Female> left, so is <Speech_Music_Female> there anything <Speech_Music_Female> that we didn't talk about? <Speech_Female> She <hes> <Silence> that. <Speech_Male> First of all. <Speech_Male> They're interested in metabolic. <Speech_Male> Oh, they can go to metabolic <Speech_Male> code DOT COM <Speech_Music_Male> or if they want to hear <Speech_Male> more about what <Speech_Male> what I'm doing out <Speech_Male> in the Industry Jim Lavalle <Speech_Male> Dot Com <Speech_Male> I. Think it's important <Speech_Male> for people understand <Speech_Male> no one's GONNA. <Speech_Male> Take your of your health <Speech_Male> benefits than <Speech_Male> you are, and <Speech_Male> no one will be bigger <Speech_Male> advocate. You know <Speech_Male> there's A. A lot of people out <Speech_Male> there like the <Speech_Male> care about people <Speech_Male> want them to <Silence> do their best, <Speech_Male> but it's <Speech_Male> individual <Speech_Male> responsibility to <Speech_Male> take that first step that <Speech_Male> matters, and I encourage <Speech_Male> everyone to be <Speech_Male> brave. It's <Speech_Male> work, but <Speech_Male> it's worth it. <Speech_Male> It's slogan I <Speech_Male> use nowadays that the <Speech_Male> explain <Speech_Male> no work around <Speech_Male> your health. It's work, <Speech_Male> but it's worth it because <Speech_Male> everybody <SpeakerChange> likes to feel <Speech_Female> good. <Speech_Music_Female> Yeah! <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> That's for <Speech_Female> sure and you you're. <Speech_Male> More than likely. <Speech_Male> Your family <Speech_Music_Female> doctor is not <Speech_Music_Female> the person who's GonNa. <Speech_Music_Female> You know really teach <Speech_Music_Female> you about how to create. <Speech_Female> How I, always <Speech_Music_Female> say. I learned nothing <Speech_Music_Female> about health <Speech_Music_Female> when I was in medical <Speech_Music_Female> school or residency, <Speech_Music_Female> and it wasn't <Speech_Music_Female> until you know <Speech_Music_Female> after I, got out. <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> I learned your data <Speech_Music_Female> I was like wow. <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> Who actually knew how to <Speech_Female> create health and they <Speech_Music_Female> know how to <SpeakerChange> do that before. <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Telephony_Male> <Speech_Male> Exactly <Speech_Male> right <Speech_Female> yeah. <Speech_Female> Thanks so <Speech_Music_Female> much for being on my show <Speech_Music_Female> again. You're just a <Speech_Music_Female> wealth of incredible <Speech_Music_Female> information <Speech_Music_Male> and <hes> <Speech_Music_Male> just really appreciate <Music>

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