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Was a fairly nice weekend. Up in Canada's actually. Vacation of weekend. The leaves are coming on the trees and the Hollick was doing some prospecting. He was a bit of a rock house, and he went to fairly remote location. The I've been to this area. A few times before falcon lake is about oh, you know, an hour north of the American border so fairly rugged and he had gone into the the wooden after spending the night at a motel in the town of falcon lake and similar around nude because he entered the woods in the morning. The shipping and looking at rocks and stopping along the labored around duty stop for lunch. And as he was having his lunch. There is a big commotion because the geese on a little lake below him. He looks good on a ridge took off. Do we were startled by something? You've thought maybe there is a bear. And he looked around couldn't see anything. But in the sky was with a set of two Hollywood style flying saucers initially. They were they're very very bright white and one proceeded to come down closer closer at appeared to land on a rock outcropping. Again, looks looks something like a Hollywood style. Flying saucer disc shaped with a dome on top lates coming from the top. And as you watched this from coaching down Haida rockets the bushes. He was puzzled is what he was seeing. He was thinking what is this? He has a background of the military of selfish familiar with aircraft. This would be age of Apollo Gus Grissom and others have just passed away. Just a few months earlier so space with the news that maybe this was some sort of American version of the the lunar module that has gone astray. And and he became convinced that went as he's watching us over the period of about a half an hour. A door opens in the side have more lights came out, and he could hear some a high pitched voices. And he thought perhaps this was an indication ever people inside. So he stood up thinking that this is some sort of spacecraft that the.

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