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How about an election night distraction, everyone with some mini crush stuff. Name your favorite political movie. I did cute that was just and everyone's chain, but political movies or some of my favorite movies like the Maltese falcon. And, you know, talk about all the president's men a lot in movies like Michael Clayton. Love a good Hetty political thriller or political film Bulworth movies like that even wag the dog. I'm into it. So we're going to go over some of these. I remember really enjoying wag the dog. Yeah. I haven't seen a long time. It was fun. Matthew Hansen says a contender? Agreed great movie right off the bat. Tony bucco says all the president's men carry mcquaid says Dave I never saw that. Did you with Kevin Kline? That's the one where he's the president. Right. I think so president, Dave. Yeah. Let me see here all the president's men again from Sally McKenzie. Megan Cole says the American president, which I did not see. But that is the love story. I feel like I've asked this question before I think I might as a political thriller. So this is not necessarily that. Because certainly the American president is a romantic comedy wrapped up in politics, twelve angry men from Gracie. An does that count Gracie says sure, I think so for sure boy lot of people are saying American president. But that's a Lopez our old friend. She sent that box of food, by the way, no box of food. Yeah. There's a box of food on your desk. Chips and popcorn. Say I haven't been my dad's. I came straight ear Chuck straight year Vanessa Lopez. Thank you. Thanks lopez. Carl Gafni says thank you for smoking. Richard Stokes expected the future. Just because the Goldie Wilson thing that's a bit of a stretch, my friend well back to the future to predicted the rise of Trump. Let's not forget did it really totally man with biff is like Trump character. Okay. He doesn't really become president. But he does he does using this a spoiler for movie that came out decades ago just putting it out there using the knowledge he gleaned from that sports almanac. Bright, he L elevated himself to a position of extreme power in practically dictatorship over the weird back to the future two future world..

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