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For him to be leading a team to the playoffs in his rookie year as the best player on a team is, that's not normal like we've seen rookie point. Guards put up statistical years that have been good, but not ones that have led to the playoffs right so Ajaz, doing absurd, and obviously he's the for rookie the Ermal. Talk about that in a minute, but I think that Jenkins in this memphis staff of done a really good job of. Things around John Mirant despite the fact that they don't really shoot three ball exceptionally well like your John is a guy that like really need space on the floor to operate their twenty fifth in three point attempts per game twenty-seventh in three point rate overall in their early twenty, first in three point percentage like this is not a team that spaces it exceptionally well and have found a way to make it work just vice scheme, and I think that Taylor Jenkins serves a lot of credit for that. But she's kind of wild being. Yet we say Yeah Jaaz Ben Incredible and he has, and we'll talk about that in a second, but like I don't know. It just feels like everybody on. That team is getting the most out of themselves this year. That's a real rarity in the NBA, and we talk about it probably more than anybody else with like the raptors, right and nick nurse. I don't know. Maybe maybe it's just the the initial knee. Jerk thing where which team has exceeded expectations boast, and how'd we reward them and in three years? It's like I don't know Taylor. Jenkins is actually that good of a coach. I don't know it's part of the. Nation like look. The bottom of the western conference hasn't been that great this year. You don't. You don't say right. There are thirty two and thirty three like if losing record right now, yeah! Still playoff about he's doing a great job like I. Don't mean to disparage what they've done. But I I just think that the three guys at the top I mean those are the teams that have won more games than anyone else this year and I think that they're deserving of credit for having won more games than anyone else this year. Just given the fact that all of them had somewhat interesting problems to solve coming into the year or The case of booed and holder, and he's just figured out how to accentuate this entire thing and make it work in a way that is exceptional. Don Picking Up. You're laying down. I think it makes a lot of sense all right..

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