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Don't forget the polls are open from seven AM to seven PM tomorrow. And there are quite a few Oklahoma school districts that have canceled classes for election day. So that teachers can get out and vote. Oklahoma City is one of them other schools are ADA being. Colgate Durant Muskogee prior. Seminole Tulsa, Woodward and Yukon, shawnee and Taloqan public schools are taking professional days tomorrow and very sad news about one of the two surviving teenagers of a triple shooting last week near the town of new Jaka in oak, muggy county. They oak Mogi county. Sheriff's office says sixteen year old khloe tolliver has been declared brain dead. She's being kept alive long enough that her organs can be donated. She was shot in the head while she was in bed sleeping, allegedly by her own mother. Thirty nine year old Amy hall who was arrested hall also shot and killed her brother eighteen year old case and tolliver and her fourteen year old sister was also wounded but was taken to a hospital in stable condition. Now hall is being held now on the oak Mogi county jail without bond. Investigators say that charges against her will be amended to include an additional complaint of first degree murder. And after several delays a district judge in New York City today began hearing a challenge to a decision by the US Commerce Department to put a citizenship question on the twenty twenty cents a dozen states and big cities have filed lawsuits claiming the question will discourage emigrant participation Oklahoma. It's not one of those states. In fact, Oklahoma attorney general Mike Connors says those fears are overblown, and unfounded, he filed a brief back in June saying that the lawsuit should be dismissed. He says the citizenship question has been asked in one form or another during almost every census since eighteen twenty and one person has been arrested after this morning's fatal crash near northeast twenty-third and Brian in northeast, Oklahoma City, a taxi and another vehicle collided. One person was killed three others were taken to a hospital. Police believe the driver of the vehicle that hit the taxi identified as forty eight year old Charles greenfield. Was driving under the influence of drugs. He was arrested. He is still in the hospital and.

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