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This morning for a buyer well you've got a dry cough may be a slight fever and body aches should you be tested for coronavirus KCBS is Rebecca corral got some answers from yesterday morning's ask an expert segment on the case CBS morning news withstand Munger gold rush right to the emergency room call your doctor first that's the advice from Dr John for he made director of UCSF emergency medicine that scratching throat I Dr ha ha maybe even like a low grade fever either perfect symptoms to bring up with doctor by telephone by video visit and if it's decided that you need to get testing then you can be referred into a place to get a test performed doctors say he says covert nineteen symptoms can vary widely from person to person for some it's a cough and a fever others lose their sense of smell and taste some get GI symptoms and some no fever at all who should get to the emergency room if somebody gets up to walk around their own home and feels pretty significantly winded by doing an activity that would have otherwise been very very easy they would have thought twice about it that might be something that I would recommend in person evaluations for another alarming sign if a few minutes of vigorous talking makes you wind it Rebecca chorale KCBS this centers for disease control extended its no sail order for all cruise ships in an effort to prevent further spread of the virus the order requires all cruise ships within U. S. waters to cease operations and submit a code nineteen response plan to the CDC and the Coast Guard for approval the new order will remain in place for one hundred days or until the country's public health emergency declaration is over whichever happens first roughly one hundred cruise ships remain at sea with just crew members aboard twenty cruise ships are docked at US ports with cases of covered nineteen among the crew we now can add taking a vacation to the list of things we can do virtually while we shelter in place KCBS is Melissa Cole Ross explains how want to go to Tokyo Hawaii Paris or Spain while you shelter in place well you can thanks to the website known as virtual vacay it was created by Janet Jackson Steele of Lafayette and fourteen year old Jenna says it features online vacations to six destinations so far and they all start with food H. virtual been K. has a couple recipes at the beginning and these are like our favorite recipes are the places we've got to like you have to try their delicious we absolutely love them the pair came up with the idea for the site after their own spring break family trip to New York last month had to be canceled because of the Kobe nineteen pandemic and sixteen year old Jackson says sheltering in place with his younger sister husband okay but working on the website has been great as far as the virtual vacations going like we haven't really disagree a lot you know we've been able to like work together a lot you know just sort of turn through all our different ideas because we have all this time at home together the pair also is using the site to raise money for feeding America Melissa call Ross KCBS perhaps being at home with your spouse every day has brought you closer together or perhaps it has not either scenario could mean it's a good time for a renewal of your wedding vows KCBS is making goals we spoke with the woman during doing them virtually and for free Alegria Sita is the owner of gala events and weddings on the north coast she wants to officiate your vow renewal here in the bay area kind of inspires folks to think outside the box they don't feel like Val review overseas for comment but she says they are a beautiful way to affirm your commitment amid all of these day to day challenges yes kind of a creative opportunity yeah how's that and your commitment especially at a time when we're dealing with so much grief show host on video platform where you can even invite guests to watch and it'll also help coordinate toast some floral arrangements if you get a signal you could even have a ceremony in your backyard probably what we cannot celebrate while gathering are out right now one is always in making gold speak KCBS Alabama three fifty five for a money watch update this.

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