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This could be over in a month And ultimately to me it's on the kyrie irvings the world whoever else's unvaccinated. We're we're turning him to posterchild but he's not the only one he just is the most eccentric. I guess what i mean. Jonathan isaac on the magic can. I can. I quickly read a quote that jonathan is a cabin. That story yes. I don't know win. The interview was exactly but regardless the story came out over the weekend and jonathan isaac is quoted in they're saying if you were vaccinated in other places you still have to wear the mask regardless it's like okay. Then what is the mask necessarily for. And if kyrie says that from his position of his executive power the mvp a then kudos to him. So i get what you're saying about misinformation. It's just like we're here like this is september twenty seventh as we record this two thousand twenty one like if we're still arguing about masks like what are we. What are we doing like we know. The vaccine is available for how long and who is dying from the vaccine who is suffering from the vaccine who who is actually dying from the two thousand people a day in this country they're all unvaccinated so like this fight against science for like a -rageous i honestly i don't even. I'm not trying to get in the heads of people who are like this. It's not even worth my time and my energy but like it's just so ridiculous to me in the fact that they are holding others hostage because of their own. Ignorance is beyond frustration for me. It is and i. And i and i'll just say to kind of bring it back to basketball bit because i'm sure you could really just go on for hours complaining about this. Is his. you know when players are like respect my privacy and all this stuff. listen. I'm all for us constantly. Reimagining our relationship with athletes. What we are owed from them. What parts of the media model makes sense et cetera. I think things are in constant. Need of examination reexamination evaluation etc. But but why are you hiding now like why are you hiding now when when these are you know a clearly. You've come to this decision now. We've had this information for months so explain your decision. Why are you hiding behind it. If you think what you're doing is not wrong. You know what. I mean if if you wanna take this righteous stance why. Why are you in when you say. It's a personal decision. It's not. I mean it categorically not because this is a public health crisis The the people who get vaccinated the more variance. We get other more dangerous. Variants get the more transmissions happen for people..

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