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And production of covid vaccine. Four covid nineteen sniffer dogs have begun work at Helsinki Airport, in a state funded pilot scheme that finished researches hope will provide a cheap fast and effective alternative methods of testing people for the virus. Dog is capable of detecting the presence of Corona virus within ten seconds and the entire process takes less than a minute to complete according to the University of Helsinki who overseeing the trial off to collecting their luggage arriving international passengers off to dab their skin with a white. In a separate booth the Beka containing the wipe is then placed next to others containing different control sense and the dog stops sniffing. If it indicates, it has detected the virus usually by yelping pouring or lying down the passenger is advised to take a free. Test using nasal swab to verify the dogs verdict. In the universities preliminary tests, dogs which have been successfully used to detect diseases such as cancer diabetes were able to identify the virus with nearly one hundred percent accuracy even days before patient developed symptoms. Scientists and not yet sure what exactly it is that the dog sniff when they detect the virus. A study published in June concluded that there was very high evidence that the sweat of covid positive people was different to that of those who did not have the virus and that dogs detect that difference dogs are also able to identify covid nineteen from a much smaller molecular sample than pc all tests needing only ten to one hundred molecules to detect the presence of the virus compared with the eighteen million needed by laboratory equipment. Researches in countries including. France Germany and Britain a reportedly working on similar projects but Finland is the first country in Europe to put dogs to work sniffing out the corona. Virus? You can subscribe to five minute news on Youtube with your preferred podcast APP. Ask Your Smart Speaker all renewable five minute news as your Amazon Alexa Flash briefing skin please subscribe rate and review us at five minute. Dot News five minute news is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate delivering unbiased verified and truthful World News. Daily..

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