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Why rarely do see that person? Hey, let me take a pause. I'm going to do this video on. You know where is influenced marketing going in the next five years? That's better off for another. Persona know somebody who's better at insights, but I think it's it comes down to. Just doing what your personality is more comfortable with. I have a lot of students where they just WanNa stick with the instructional part they love because they're so enamored with technology. But I think you know as you get older, we we'd rather be more insightful, because maybe we're not as adept. At Penn so skilled in our business that we could keep telling you like how to put a nail in a garage wall eventually unless you're working for Lowe's Home Depot. You kind of run out of material, right? So. Let's put this in a neat bill. Based on these things, the archetypes, the thought leadership. What is the biggest takeaway you think that B.? Two B. Communicators need to understand from this. What if you could sum it up in a way that you now the Aha moment that you think they need to get would is I. Think you need to craft a statement? That encompasses your content marketing plan with three elements in it. Number one what that influences number two your primary expertise, because you have to be consistent with that and number three your unique perspective. I have a statement for myself. my own. You know examination of this test. Instruments show that I fit more as a visionary so I have a statement that says you know. I am a visionary with film. Blank this expertise. In my case, it's like no. The expertise tends to be in social media influence with this perspective as an academic. So three parts to it I am fill in the blank. This archetype. With this film blank expertise..

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