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I'm Bob grilled top local story heavy rains fall cross Los Angeles plus other city firefighters because Christmas lights save in the marina and see the officer forces a driver crashed bring a high speed chase to with the store as far as traffic every ten minutes on the fives coming up in five minutes after CBS news covers the world at three o'clock CBS news on the hour your home for original reporting I'm very non mystery in Boston we will do everything in our power is to find out everything we can about this death investigation police commissioner William Ross calls the deaths of two young children and a woman a tragedy WBZ TV reporter Michelle Fisher right now police only calling this a death investigation they haven't released much information about the relationship between the three victims and exactly what happened here police believe those children are under five years old based on their car seats found in a car on the top of the garage that car was towed away as evidence the three were found yesterday afternoon lying unconscious on a sidewalk near a garage on the campus of Northeastern University and they were later pronounced dead at a local hospital you're on the road today you're certainly not alone the triple A. expects this to be the busiest travel day of the year hampered and hindered in some places by fall weather it was a White Christmas in parts of southern California including the mountains of San Bernardino riverside and San Diego counters KCBS TV reporter Chris Holmstrom that snow is really starting to come down I mean starting to cover the streets out here this area is expected to get a heavy snow fall that could cause me to shut down the roadway it's a concern a lot of drivers have that's why many of them ended their holiday celebration early because they don't want to take the risk of the dangerous roads we were coming from pine mountain.

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