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People that don't know could lead to being pre diabetic and can lead to being the type two diabetic I believe maybe you can clarify that. A little bit more but what would be some recommendations. Be for somebody That has some insulin resistance. Both a maybe a pharmaceutical. And as well as maybe something over the counter that someone could utilize so thinking about insulin. Resistance in general the overarching term that i like to use for it. As a metabolic syndrome so encompasses dyslipidemia. It also encompasses high levels of insulin. High levels of glucose in the bloodstream interactivity and occasionally low levels of glucose in the cellular level so it's also correlated with High body mass in the abdominal area high disrobe body fat and thus fatty liver disease which is fat accumulation. Deliver so Just by looking at those different parameters you can usually tell or if they of insulin resistance however he general screening labs do not you know. They don't measure fasting end when they don't measure the insulin resistant. Score based on your lipids and many don't even include an a one which is basically a marker of your average blood glucose in the past three months assuming that you have a normal amount of red blood cell commercials all the time. It's going to lower your ses. Yeah but a lot of insurance companies don't recommend screening for diabetes or prediabetes or insulin resistance with onc- so it can be hard to know if you have insulin resistance however some of the best things that you can do for. It is have a lot of healthy fiber in your diet. Both prebiotics fibers and dietary fibers. Which is soluble fiber. Also doing a combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise and insurance sensitize as well. There's also of supplement so in austin tall to popular one. Many people know it for its ability benefit. Cause infertility is becoming more and more prevalent as well so It's a b. vitamin derivative. But it's also an insulin her so that's another good influence. Peiser that you can take over the counter my own asta one form of it and that has more to do with the insulin sensitivity. There's also di tiro enough the which is we We i imagine. Does some people get a combination of both especially women than you should go with the mile and it's all now you asked about pharmaceuticals as well so There's lots of different pharmaceuticals that can help insulin. Sensitized you it. Kind of depends on what your personal situation is so some medications that we used to use for diabetes. A long time ago are great when it comes to preserving beta cell function the patriots beta cells secrete insulin so when someone becomes diabetic think of their beta cells dying so if you do autopsies on diabetics often times they have less than fifteen percent of their beta cells left. So you want to preserve those One so you don't get diabetes and two so that you don't end up on influence if you get diabetes so certain medications Td's or activists are actually very good at that but they have other detriments especially when using in a long term basis so Not usually not a good longterm medicine. Some are good long-term but they also have You know metformin is an example of very controversial one which is one of the most commonly prescribed medication in diabetics. It extends her life so there's a mortality benefit. However it's not as strong as somebody at synthesizing to insulin but it has different mechanisms of action so depending on the individual case a short course of metformin could be indicated and then also For life extension purposes metformin potentially had some benefit as well so the side effects of metformin. Which is with long term use twelve deficiency That's something that people bring up often Also with long term. Use lowering of potential lowering of one is another side effect. Of course those can be attenuated and taken into account. You're starting level so those markers are having seen so many i. I'm i'm guessing loud. You mentioned infertility being on the rise. And i'm just kind of curious about that like with everything you've seen. What are some of the big reasons. Why that's on the rise. I i'd assume maybe it's something within lifestyle or or. Are there deeper reasons why that's a problem. They wanted all the above. So people have lots and lots of different theories of why infertility. It's becoming more prevalent one of the easiest things to target is metabolic syndrome. So when you have Different things that are inhibiting your to terry function then Spermatogenesis can be problematic and ovulation. Relation can be problematic as well so Insulin resistance of course correlated with a condition as pto s. which is a continuum of Andrew genyk activity and insulin resistance and polycystic ovaries however the same processes that are causing that can also cause infertility risking men. So if you look at infertility risk in the race of obesity in the united states you can see that they are closely correlated. Not necessarily directly caused tori in some circumstances but definitely correllated and then of course. You had the debate which there's weaker evidence for but theoretically could be playing. A part is toxins in the environment. What is polycystic ovarian syndrome. I've i hear a lot I've heard a lot of women in my life. Talk about it. And how can someone Potentially i guess Rid themselves of this. I don't really know exactly what it is. I could be wrong to. I hear about it a lot amongst like really fit women. Yeah am i. Yes.

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