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Notable moves MSCI best Shuai banter king is on loan to Chelsea sorry on loan from Chelsea to Crystal Palace since two thousand sixteen he has played for Chelsea Dortmund Valencia now Crystal Palace and scores wherever he goes. So I mean like, I I like this move is also for for Crystal Palace been struggling defy goals. Despite being kind of a tricky proposition for better teams. So I mean, you know, I I like it for a mid table move. Yeah. I mean, you saw him come on on the weekend, and he instantly made an impact. Yeah. Probably be. I would think a super sub, but you know, him and Ben Ben tech is back. So we might see them together. At some point the big move. The biggest move in the primarily probably. The one that got the most attention beyond Gonzalo. He got in which happened before a little bit before the deadline was Miguel. Miranda to Newcastle that Newcastle finally spent some money they broke their transfer record which was fourteen years old or something. It was the Michael Owen deal was their biggest transfer since the Elmore and move. Of course, we know him from MLS in Atlanta. United rhino Hanlin dearly. Departed said in his newsletter that Almira and has the lanky efficiency of motion that you typically see in a no nonsense holding midfielder, but he's actually an attacking midfielder who ran the show for a team that played on hyper speed field turf and love to get out and run questioned. Michael, do you think this is potentially the beginning of a new trend? I saw something that Tim Vickery wrote or actually said in an interview about how a lot of eyes will be on this move because there are a lot of South Americans young South Americans in MLS, and this could be like a new market because they. Only paid. I mean, although twenty million is a lot if he was coming from say Spain he'd probably be like forty five million, right? Sure. There's guys like Luciano a cost for DC United Argentinian around the same age. I guess twenty four twenty five teams are looking at. I think its something like wear how Jaden Sancho went from England to Germany thrived. And now all these German clubs are looking for young English talent on the books of these big English clubs like for example, the kid from arsenal. What's his name emeals Smith row? Just went to lies big on loan rice Nelson went last year. So if Omar on thrives, perhaps you might see more MLS guys being poached by merely clips of insure it was a believe in December that basically Bill Commissioner, Don Garber finally accepted that the molest needed to become a selling league in Atlanta United. I mean, like you've seen it everywhere. I mean, like the like all of the people that you've mentioned bus far mean like, Jay. Show Emile Smith row lake teams of basically signing younger players at a relative unknowns that then become known that eventually hopefully superstars did you can sell on for tens of millions of dollars so United when employed up a bunch of younger South American players, and they have proven themselves in a now moving on. So I mean like in that basically is a good way to recycle and replenish, the talent. And and then still get the injection of cash when you sell those players on. So yeah, maybe it is a tread. Maybe the Melissa's. This is a good thing. I guess is what I'm trying to say. One other MLS moved to report is Sebastian GIO Van Gogh from Toronto FC to Saudi Arabian side, Al hall. I don't know if that's a upgrade for him back to the Premier League grouchy back. Peter crouch age thirty eight is at Burnley. He also came on as a sub over the weekend. Peter crouch, indomitable irrepressible. You know, he's he is extremely seven feet tall. You know? It's great also a podcast host. And a good Twitter. Follow actually. Yeah. He has a great sense of humor. Everybody loves crouch e. Yeah, let's see Frankie Dejong to Barcelona seventy five million euros. He's gonna finish the season. I x and then joined Barcelona next year, which is football hipsters, wet dreams. See him for Barcelona. How do you feel about that? I think PS g whereas in the running city were in the running..

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