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Like we're gonna have another sub Manish Rasmussen previously unused going back to twelve matches. And he was questionable today with his niece sprain buddy is into the ballgame. Kevin just said halftime, we're into the break we ever gonna see Magnus again, it feels like it's been forever. Well, we're seeing them now in the second half right minute, sixty five August tense at a New York red bulls that goal scoring frenzy was the last time mango Strasse using took part in a game hasn't even been in the eighteen since then, and as you said he has been dealing with knee issue that he picked up in the first half. There have been. The Empire State. So now, he's it's good to see him back in action in some of his first action under in his first action under coach, John Hackworth minutes, sixty six brazier that substitution brought to you by Greg tips. Here's Ownby out ahead with the ball on the left side tries the strong take. But it's once again. Bounce back out denied for eleven. By the way. I don't know if he mentioned he came on freely ill. Yes. So offer a Ilian Cam the two most prolific goalscorers on the season for Louisville city and replaced with Luke and Magnus respectively. It's good change your city too. Because as well Magnus is a guy who I thought has has as much disciplined with the balls anybody on the team Elliot's right up there with them. But let's see how you can do with after two scores in a big game. What do you got any forty five minutes up by one? So as certainly it's it's really open here. Magnus searching for his first touch. He's gonna chase this ball several step with Ferrara down before we met gathers excuse me before Williams gathers inside of his own goal area. But it's yeah. It's really twofold here, it's you can't let me get back into it. But also your coach you want to see you know, what Luke and Magnus can do in coming in on the eve of the playoffs. Here. Ball gets close to being in the box and take it away by city allows adequate. Now, he turned the ball over city has to track it back down with tile who just flies it out of bounds. That was a bad play by Nile. Watson playing as a centreback earn. Excuse me. Senator offensive man, look more like a center forward. They're getting things grow gradually, more and more desperate. As may turn is going to have himself a slice of humble pies upending himself on the artificial turf. It's now Louisville city looking get things going here inside of Indies box Oscar tracks give it down low to Ownby who is on side. Now back denial in the box. He can't make turn on the ball pushing and shoving going on after it city comes away with it, thankfully, no foul. There's Magnus getting as I touch in. Rasmussen turns it back out. There's Oscar now on the minute sixty eight follow turns it up to Nile into the box of Magnus switches a back the shot right paw. Say by Williams give that guy credit fought of Williams as had a terrific day in the back of the net. I think that's his ninth. Save on the night. And my goodness. He's been all over the place. Maga's Rasool just inches away from tallying goal that would have been just his second on the season. Manners is right there for them. And it's good to see Magnus missing ten games. But coming in at not missing a beat. The Cattlemen's roadhouse corner. Kick from the right side. Oscar will swing it in. Up high this one lifted out of the box tonight, I'll Nile with the chip to the left headed away still city and now back to the midfield. Here's Kyle Smith. The ball turns it out right now. I tries the long loft ahead. Nothing. There. Apollo heads at down city still somehow with the ball, Rasmussen back backout. Now the right side. Here's all and be turn back in shot. Deflected up still in the box fair on the deflection so alive. Rasmussen with poor kicked. Couldn't get a good footing on it city. Still got. Call it. What are you doing man that is blatant tripping? Their Watson, Manny absolutely got George, but it's still alive for city that might not be done yet. They're still knocking on the door Owen. Be the lofting. Cross. Can't get it to go. It's headed out of bounds. Another it's roadhouse corner. Kick city all they are trying desperately to get that second goal right now before minutes, seventy man. Yeah. We're in the seventieth minute now in my goodness that that's not a stone cold penalty. But it's as close as needs be. Manny is George cut inside on Watson. He left his foot out. There did Watson maybe pulled it up. Just the right second there, George perhaps looking for contact but still enough there for me. Oscar turns it in the box nobody there. So it's turned away. Cleared out city still has it. Lobbing these balls up places it into the eighteen nobody can really make a move with it for city. So now owned he's got it back out or excuse me. Luke Spencer does still in possession. This is really a new thing. We're seeing from city here. Now now Brian with the ball on the right gets up on a charge to rise the pace. Thrilling actualized burst it into the box. And that one's gonna squeal out a burst of speed for sure. But he just put too much too much on that went and it goes out for a goal kick. Seventy first minute here, Brian Ownby. He's been having a very good half. Or a very good game. Really on the whole. But just a rare mistake thereby number ten for Louisville city. Good to see him and Magnus both Magnus more. The more. Recent substitution coming on just a few minutes ago already first couple of touch. He's got a shot on goal. So good to see number seven step right back into the fold for city. Greg is to finally step up. There is that kickball was outweigh ahead on the deep outstretch and he'll run up. Snag it. Folks. Make sure you stay tuned with this post game as we are going to be joined by the he's the one and only Louisville city Louisville cities owned bear ELO, Lance mcgarvy, call now L also. Oh, yeah. He's the bear. That's absolutely. Why do we call him the bear? But L also is not something that I know we tagged onto this. Oh, no. It's got make some shirts. Most as storied as the very history of leap FC, but Lance McGuire. He's going to be joining us in the booth to he's he's a fan that wears his emotions on his sleeve, and he certainly can be sharing with us. Hopefully, you know, twenty minutes time, it'll be happy ones rather than ones of disappointment and consternation the score right now. One nothing we'll city over top of India Levin into the seventy second minute from slugger field. Louisville city f c presented by UPS jobs dot com. Newsradio eight forty WCHS on the big stick tonight to in this regular season. Thankfully, we'll played earlier in the day Kentucky's on the BI week. So they can run for the. Proper football the proper football here on a Saturday in October. This one gets Greg back on his move city. Surprisingly turns it back to Ranjit Singh. No pressure here. Really for many Leventis got plenty of time to get a pass looking for George. Here..

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