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I hope you didn't park your car and left field swing a high towering drive to left way back and gone into the Miller Lite beer pen up above the Brewers Pen and a two run shot from Avi Garcia, his 25th of the season. We say Yo Garcia nearly hits that one out of the ballpark is the Brewers bounced back in a big way against the Phillies. Brewers were winless against Philadelphia this year and lost 12 Nothing. On Monday, they returned the favor with a 10. Nothing when something starting pitcher Eric Lower says, felt good. It was definitely nice, especially after yesterday to be able to jump on him a little bit. I mean, it's the cool thing about baseball is every day is its own day and every pitch in its own pitch, so you always throw the next one and can't look at the past too long. Milwaukee is just one in five against the Phillies this year, a team they could potentially see in the postseason, but Willie Adama's has yet to appear in a game. Against them this season. An American family field Matt Paulie WTMJ Sports brewers Go for the series victory tonight. Freddie Peralta is on the bump coverage here on Wtmj starts at 605 in football Packers left tackle David Bachtiar. He's going to miss at least the first six games this season. It's a fact not lost in the quarterback and his teammates as they continue to prepare for week one. So I think everybody just focusing on This year and the guys that we got, and I think there's a consensus that we got really good opportunity to put ourselves in that position again, like we have been the last couple years, So there's a lot of positivity around around the squad. Obviously, we're bringing back most of the guys from last year, added Randall Cobb to the mix. Um you know, so what you feel really good about about our team. We got to get through the first six. It looks like without You know, Another friend of the show does big of a friend is Maybe me But David Bachtiar who I'm a better gift. Er, you know as we Yeah. Golf cart was awesome. But you know, we'll get through these six and then look forward to getting back. That is Rogers, making his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee Show on Sirius XM Radio. The Packers, of course, visiting the Saints in Jacksonville on Sunday. Kick off set for 3 25 coverage here on WTMJ starts at noon with opening drive. And finally in college football. The Wisconsin Badgers already turning the page on Saturday's loss to Penn State. Those areas we've got to improve upon, and, uh that's gonna be the focus. This week, and then there's some things that Individuals. Groups did well and got to build on that, but We're excited to get back and preparing for Eastern Michigan that is head coach Paul Chris. The Badgers do host Eastern Michigan at Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday night. Six P.m. kickoff Gene, You brought this up before the show to me this morning. It's a weird kick off time for the Badgers against the street, Eastern Michigan and we were trying to parse it together in pieces together as to why they would play this in a prime time game. There's two rationalizations number one would be. They just want to give the kids more time to get lubed up for the first time in two years, right? Lord knows they need that. Exactly, But I think the second more practical reason would be. There are other big 10 games going on throughout the day, the biggest of which Ohio State is hosting Oregon. At 11 A.m., which is equally puzzling to me, because that means the Oregon kids are basically basically going to play that game at nine a.m. their time right, like they're just going to stand from Friday night. Very bizarre, so I would pick Ohio State in the points in that one, because I just you know, I knew that with NFL games to whenever you see a West Coast team playing a noon game on the East Coast They always seem to come out sluggish for some reason, So that's that's I think the reason they may have kicked back to kick off for this badger game by 48 at Wtmj is.

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