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Mookie betts hit his sixteenth homer of the year rafael devers added his ninth homer of the year and this one is chris sale get's his fifth win he wins seven and two thirds innings allowed one run to one earned to run stuttle four hits two walks nine strikeouts he also gave up a home run to dennis his first of the year in this one and the red sox got the win their four to two miami gets the five one win over the mets in new york zack wheeler got beat up a little bit more unin runs it was his errors jose reyes committed to heirs in this game that it causes team they'll but they're caleb smith pitch very nicely as he win six in twothirds innings a lot of one run on three hits two walked eight strikeouts for the lefthander there in miami home runs in this one derek dietrich went deep hit that was his fourth of the year in cincinnati the reds beat the pirates seven two two matt harvey gets his first win reds uniform and he goes six innings allowed one run on three hits two walks five strikeouts dig it but home run to moran in this one meadows also hit his hit a home run his second of his career and that was off of gary there in the seventh inning jameson tone took the loss he went six innings allowed six runs on eight hits one walk eight strikeouts diga the homer in this one that was to scooter janette his eighth in milwaukee the this is a rare game because he needs to both these teams playing a hitters ballpark in brewers play miller park hitters ballpark diamondbacks play choice feel very much hitters while parker this game was one to nothing at miller park burs end diamondbacks wants nothing was the winner in a pitcher's duel cook and just seeing both went five innings allowed to cook a lot of one run on three hits three walks five strikeouts in five hundred thirds innings at work and just seem was a.

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