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We now have 2.8 million. Vaccine doses. 2.8 million We've only injected 782,000 people, so we're in 46th place. And there's two million vaccines sitting on the shelf now. 46 in terms of percentage of shots use. Two million unused vaccines. Sitting on the shelves, so it got worse each day at five or five when we come back from the news. First thing we'll do is compare the statistics that John Red To the statistics on people who have signed the recall to get Gavin Newsom out of office. Because we know that said a million We know it's doing better. It'll probably continue to do much better than this pathetic. Vaccine rollout program. Coming up in about 15 minutes. Your shot at $1000. That's when you find out the key word to texting for your chance. Speaking of the vaccine, we're going to turn out to Alex Stoneleigh ABC News for Ko Phi. About plans locally and around the country to get the vaccine out Larger numbers to the American public. Alex, what's going on here? Hey, guys, stop. Yeah, California is by no means alone and and Arizona's been dealing with the same thing. A lot of states have been. So now you've got this mass vaccination effort that that is going on that's ramping up for Major league baseball parks for NFL stadiums for basketball arenas, and we're seeing it here is well, but the numbers nationally look like as of today. Nine million people in the U. S. Have received their first dose about a million of those air in nursing homes Still long way to go there. The goal was 20 million by January, 1st. That wasn't met, but this nine million that's double what it was only a week ago. So does seem like that, at least nationally, and you've seen what Florida is doing. And then they've been telling people go ahead and line up and they've been doing these mass vaccination sites. And now other states are saying, all right, we're going to do the same thing. And California is one of them. That today. You heard the governor saying, all right, it is all hands on deck right now that Dodger Stadium Petco Park Cal Expo Arena that as of probably the end of the week for most of them for Dodger Stadium. Definitely these air going to be now mass vaccination sites. Here's what the governor said today, speeding up the administration, not just priority groups. But also now opening up large sites to do so. Meaning Dodger Stadium. Padre Stadium. Cal Expo these large mass vaccination site. I mean, he's got to know this is not been going well, and the feds blame the states and the state's blamed the feds. The States Air saying, Well, you know, this is during surgeon the pandemic, such a massive effort. That they needed some kind of a better federal plan for the last mile that last little bit of actually getting hit in the arm. What did they need? Because I've heard that phrase that the states are blaming the feds. What do they want? The federal The feds to do they want federal government run sites that states air, saying We don't have the manpower this time when we're looking for health care workers in general that we don't have the money. The California is better off than a lot of states. But he has a huge surplus. Other states you're saying we don't have the funds to put this together. On that they want, you know a lot like the argument that we heard early on on testing that they want the feds to come in. And you know, Thema set up or Department of Homeland security in some way to set up a spot and in California to be numerous spots where they say we're here. We've flown in They want it done for them and the at least under the Trump administration. This may change in a week in two days, but under the Trump administration, it hasn't been that way that last bit once it's been delivered to the states. Then it's up to the states. And there have been a couple of hiccups here and there of actually getting into the states. But the bigger problem and the one in California has been okay. Now getting it out, and now you've got nothing. Did they discuss this back in July when it became clear that the vaccine had a good chance of being ready by now and what companies and what style vaccine was going to be the winner that they talk about this in July? They just woke up in January and figured out that they couldn't do it. They said. They were talking about it back in July, But now they're saying, Well, this happened so quickly and that, you know, we didn't know which Vaccine. It was going to be what the storage was going to be in one on some of that may be, but it seemed like, come October November that we knew Fizer was going to come first, that you know that the cold storage was going to be what it what it is, and then Moderna would come after that, and be less so and then down the line that there would be more You know, I mean, there's there's a lot of it and we'll know more is time on rattles here, Finger pointing, going back and forth at the Bloomberg numbers in front of me and New York has has injected 42% of the vaccines they have available. 42%, Florida 38%. Illinois 37%, and we're down a 27%. Yeah. I mean, none of those numbers are great, but But yeah, And then you run into you've got some states saying, Well, they want to hold back the for a second dose. You know, New York Today, They're even making the claim that their mass vaccination sites are going to go so well, now that they need to hurry up in and get more too well here. Here's what They're saying in New York City, tell you what the real concern is. Now we're going to need more vaccine. We're going to need more doses. People are saying, Okay, prove it to us. Show us that you can actually do these mass vaccination sites that they're now beginning to roll out. You know, there's going to be an after action at some point on this down the road to say, Where was that? Where did it fall apart? That you know, we have these great plans that by the end of December that they were going to be teams and every nursing home and then spread it out, and everybody there nursing homes in Santa Clarita and elsewhere. Where they haven't seen anybody coming to give them the Shah constantly doing after action reports the analysis after the disaster, right they're gonna analyze what went wrong with the Capitol police to analyze what went wrong when they blew $4 billion in the unemployment department..

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