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KOMO AAA traffic time. And marinas here was the. Massive issues in the five areas that right oh for sure southbound I. Five at seventieth just before fifty four if there is a crash that's taking up the two right lanes this is causing stop and, go traffic, that starts just about military or you know just south of two eighty, eight you'll start to see the slowdown and then, it really get socked in as you. Head down towards the fife curve once you break. Free from that you're looking good through, Tacoma northbound I five very slow, from highway sixteen through Tacoma however, up to Portland. Avenue now the, area that's really struggling is in canton the, Cantu moins road eastbound. At meager two left lanes are blocked the left lane in the left turn lane that are blocked with it looks like. Police activity it's the, involving, the, remembrance of the camp police officer Diego Merino so that's why we have stop and go traffic from I five so it's not necessarily an incident that's, happened they are but just know that police activity is moving through that. Area, southbound one. Six seven the shoulder is blocked just past eighty. Fourth because of a crash that's been clear but it's stop and, go traffic from forty first getting difficult getting into Seattle factor that, the slowdown begins, in shoreline at one forty fifth. As you roll into Seattle both, directions of four or five struggling in the buffalo area because of an earlier problem. You're next KOMO traffic at twelve, twenty four the KOMO forecast is sunny and hot for today tomorrow Sunday and Monday, then, things start to change. So, for today through Sunday about ninety degrees within, a couple of degrees of that is safe bet probably Sunday's the warmest of the next several days Tuesday we'll get down into the. Low eighties Wednesday mid seventies. Right now sunshine and seventy five degrees at. KOMO news Stay connected, stay informed. Seattle's only twenty four hour. News station KOMO news one thousand FM ninety seven seven twelve sixteen. Come on your Friday good afternoon along with. Taylor van, Cise I'm Carleen Johnson Bill o.'neil is at our editor's desk. Among our, top, stories. And explosive wildfire threatens the northern California. Town of reading home to about ninety two, thousand people after it tripled in size overnight. Now, twenty nine thousand acres the car fire has also killed a bulldozer driver now remains. A, fifty five missing members of, the military killed in the Korean war have been returned from the north testing still needs. To be done to make sure, the remains. Are human American and match up with any partial or, assumed identities and. The head of CBS may. Be facing sexual misconduct allegations, the New Yorker is expected to publish an article today about les Moonves. And cases of unwanted kissing and touching shares of. CBS, stock are sharply lower they've been down, more, than five percent today, KOMO news time twelve seventeen there are new Claims about when President Trump knew about. His sons meeting with. Russians who were, expected to offer up dirt on Hillary Clinton and multiple sources telling ABC news, Michael Cohen the president is former. Attorney and fixer claims that then candidate Donald Trump was aware of the June two thousand sixteen Trump Tower meeting with the Russians before it happened last night Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani depicted Cohen as a liar there's no doubt in my mind that. He's just not credible the. Man is a liar a proven liar Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis declining to comment the states could not be higher for Cohen if he tells the story to the FBI if, it's not true he could face prosecution but if it is true it directly contradicts repeated claims by the president and the. President's own legal team I got to be clear on this. Towards the president wasn't aware of the meaning and the president's own son Donald Trump junior who was contacted about the Russians offer of damaging information on. Hillary Clinton testified before the Senate his father. Did not know, about the. Meeting some junior Again making the claim on, Fox News Could you, tell your father anything about that He was such a nothing prosecutors in New. York are examining whether Colin committed financial crimes And are looking into. His role in helping keep quiet allegations of sexual affairs dissolving shop before he took office and now we're that perhaps the most powerful Trump organization official not named Trump has been subpoenaed by federal prosecutors Trump talking about Allen Russell Burg on the apprentice. Replacing George this week is. My chief financial officer Allan Weisselberg and you'd think Georgia stuff Did you see Allen Russell Berg, mentioned on that controversial new audiotape Trump and Cohen are believed to discussing a plan to buy the rights to a story of a playboy playmate who claims she had a sexual relationship with Trump Cohen proposes using a shell. Company I've spoken to Allen To set the. Whole thing Cohen now. Stands at. The epicenter of this controversy and. In the coming weeks is going divide with the president could prove critical ABC's Pierre Thomas President Trump, touting new economic data that shows the gross domestic product of the US jumped to an annual rate of four. Point one percent last quarter here's, ABC's Karen Travers from the. White House President Trump, took a victory lap at the White House touting the recent surge in the US, economy the Commerce Department reported Friday that the gross domestic product or GDP grew at a strong pace of four point one percent in the second quarter, the best, quarter of growth, since two, thousand fourteen we're on track to hit the highest annual average growth rate in over thirteen years but economists caution there could be a, future slowdown in growth with the escalating trade war and. The resulting tit for tat terrace to blame Karen Travers ABC news the White House twelve twenty and time for your propel insurance money update and kind of a bummer way to wrap up the week after. The major losses yesterday Hope was for some rebound today but that is not the case the NASDAQ is off one hundred twelve. Points to seventy seven. Thirty nine. The Dow's off seventy nine at. Twenty five thousand four forty eight Bruce Vale has more money news US economy grew at the strongest, pace in nearly four years during the second quarter powered by a rebound in consumer spending strong exports and firm. Business investment the Commerce Department said, gross domestic product the value. Of all goods and, services produced across the economy rose at an annual rate of four point one percent, from April through June that was a pickup from the first quarter's revised growth rate of two point two percent Fitch Ratings analysts said the increase speaks, to the, impact of an, increasingly tight, labor market and strong job growth on consumer confidence that's your money now your next money update at twelve fifty AAA.

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