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Josh. Well i mean. I think probably because they want to see it for more games. I mean look drew if both those dudes play at the level. They played against louisiana monroe. You might not need more wide l. But i think there's a part of it. I think people want to see especially ali kenny. Do it against scc defensive backs. Yeah those two guys are they mean just more depth people around them. There's no problem at wide receiver one and two. But there's a lot of unproven players and inexperienced outside of them with the exception of maybe eps being the trusted third. Yeah i i mean. The question is not appreciate the call. Do we have a third or fourth guy ryan. Because you know you can sec. David insists can key in on one guy. So you got to have more. I mean we've had years we've had no options but we probably need more than two etc. And that's why. I think people are expecting to hear from josh l. e. i mean he was the one and only guy last year so defenses could double team him most of the tax. They knew that was the only guy that was a threat from the receiver position. Now you got one day on these other guys josh. Now seeing man coverage he's going to have that's what people expect him to have a much bigger year because he's going to be more open more often so i mean he's still need to develop the mag would kid. Somebody's still i think. Step up and get some reps in there but they want apps can do it. They want him to be the guy. The big twelve officially invited houston central florida cincinnati and. Byu when this initially happened. I'd said those three in memphis but actually. Byu's probably better than memphis because you get the whole mormon population which byu has its own network. So they get. They have a lot more fans than you would think. I don't know if that will make the big twelve drew a power conference. I don't know if they'll keep their playoff Playoff thing but i think it's the best they could do. I mean if you were picking who you would want. I think you'd probably pick those four schools. I'm not sure who else they would add so for the big twelve. I think it was the best move. They can make pat him on the back because they got the best names available. But it's still not great. I mean the big twelve whether it'll be compared to what it was not even close. And i think it's on its way down. I think it'd be tough to keep that playoff spot and being one of the top conferences with the group. They have but as you said it's all they can do so. I guess good job. It'd be good basketball conference. I mean from a basketball standpoint adding houston in cincinnati. You know i mean you. There's a legitimate argument rien. Houston cincinnati could come in and be the second and third best program in that conference in basketball if they if they start playing well. Yeah even football cincinnati houston. They were top. Ten made have been at top ten at some point last year in football in central florida two years for move and having that great year in basketball with byu maybe our boy mark pope can pull off some big wins and build a nice resume and be a neighbor on down the road. We can consider. I mean it's not texas. And oklahoma. But i do think like there. The fifth best conference but i think they will be distinctly the fifth. You know what i mean like. They're still going to be a big gap between them and everybody else so there is value in that. I mean. i think it's the best he could do. I think the one to watch as central florida. Now that they're in a good conference. I think that could become a power program with gus malzahn. There you know ryan. I think that's a program that thing could take off their if they're able to stay in that conference and that conference stay together. Yeah you're right like i said. All four of those schools are really kind of up and coming football school so that definitely helps helps them a little bit certainly better in kansas at football five. Oh one ten eighty we will take a break. We come back Ryan have your stockton thing ready. We'll be right back already. Talked to matt jones and the crew. All the clark's pop and shot phone line at five to seven one. Ten eighty or one eight seven seven four hundred eighty p blue and you kentucky sports radio on talk radio tenny. You know sometimes see a headline and i say to myself. I would read anything about this store anything. I saw that headline shannon just now. Can i read you this headline. let's see what is your congressman. What congresswoman eleanor. Holmes norton from dc. A statement today denying responsibility for letting loose six zebras that have been on the run in the dc suburbs. What all right. So there's parts. I like about this first of all the woman congress. Why did she have to release this statement. Did people believe that this congresswoman let the zebras loose and if they did why would they believe that. I mean all the suspects drew and i'm sure there are suspects. You have six zebras running around. How do you get to a congresswoman and say. You know who i think did it. The co like. If i found out six zebras were running around lexington. I wouldn't immediately suspect andy bar in less. Your local congressman or woman kept zebras. And then maybe in this case she did or does have zebras. Those zebra collect or maybe advocating for the release of zebras. Well this is. I mean first of all. I doubt she had him in her yard. I think that's illegal. I would assume it's from the zoo. But maybe not. Secondly i've lived in the dc suburbs. Can you imagine going outside your house and seeing six zebra thrown around saying no. I can't i would think they were horses. That somebody paying stripes on. I was just thinking you've all the animals to to randomly. We see zebra might be the one that. Throw me off the most exotic bird thing to see in your front yard. I think if i saw lion i'd be more scared and freaked out or maybe a giraffe but zebra would be up there. And they haven't caught him yet. So that means ryan there six zebras running around the d. c. area still puzzled about this congresswoman like assault. She tweeted solid alibi. Yes she said this quote. Let me read you. The quote. I was at my local news is reported zebras. Were let loose on saturday or sunday period of time which i was enjoying quiet time at home with my family. My alibi is solid quiet. Zebras i kind of feel like we're all going to have to release a statement now so we're not accused. Retinas suspected her really. I'm really fascinated as to why she was the suspect. There's got to be a good back story. I don't think they just point it and say hey you you're the one who we suspect. There's got to be a good reason. I got to know more about this. Don't you yeah. yeah. I mean that okay here. This is the paragraph. The charges were made known when a member of the public noted historically norton has valued the principle of consent of the governed and has been known to oppose unnecessary fence.

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