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Mirror and then tell me that your side isn't pitting other people against other americans as well so what what may a yilma god i president trump got caught a couple of times this week saying some things that the probably while indicate that the he's got a little bit of a character problem one of them he completely denying but a golf journalist claimed that he heard trump referred to the white house as a dump and saying that multiple people heard the remark allen ship nick right for golf magazine he said that while i was talking to members of his bedminster new jersey golf club he said the white house's real dump trump later tweeted about how much he likes the building he says i love the white house one of the most beautiful buildings i've ever seen but fake news said i called it adopt totally untrue again the journalist said eight or nine people hurt him say it but well this comes from the they go low we go high or vice versa on on the varo commentator for cnn tweeted this algae said trump thinks the white house israel dump well many americans think i hugh german heap a garbage has taken up residence amber ugo low we'll go high and then trump had a little conversation with the mexican president or light this was actually notches this week these story just came out this week that there was a a transcript of uh said meeting or lease phone conversation between trump and mexican president uh the ato opinion the eto apparently he was talking about the wall and he said that he needs pinon the eto to not say that mexican mexico is not going to pay for the wall to stop contradicting him about funding for it trump suggested the both he and paying india two should issue vague remarks about who will pay for the wall he says we should say will work it out i think war can out in formulas somehow as oppose you saying we will not pay and me saying we.

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