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Having uniform rules and if this is the structure that it takes to get that goal then i think that's a good thing for the racing industry well put and Certainly the hope. I would think that part was a uniform hope. Undoubtedly i appreciate it. Matt i wanted everybody to get a a Just a snapshot of where you know where things stand and what the immediate next steps are so long. I wish i could have provided a little more information but but that's where we are right now. No no. i appreciate it a couple of other topics while we're together We we seem to do this. Every year We kind of get a feel for some of those broad strokes and there's a couple of other legal issues. I wanna ask you about The handle numbers however In going through a couple of old headlines it occurs to me to get an update from you. what you're hearing regarding the hr and kentucky And we did before we went to vacation. governor bashir Did did talk about You know urging the legislature and having frankford You know be be creative. And and be aggressive in terms of gaming for the state What's the latest on the hr rowling's the.

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