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And if you softly following well at this kid and you want nothing bad to happen to him and melon something, does you get angry rating? You're like, okay, I'm gonna walk down to the whirlwind change it. You know, you and I have that in common in terms of an artistic goal. I, I definitely I didn't know it when I started doing standup. It's been in like reflection that I have realized that I think has started doing stand up so that people could well number one to make myself safer because it was like I'd come out to the whole room and then it's like, well, there's other witnesses so like you can't beat the shit out because like these people saw to, you know, and then also just to kinda like really literally to create safety because I wanted people to meet me. I'm like, kinda smiley and friendly, and I was literally like if you just meet me and again, it's not really me. It's like the character that I'm playing on stage. If you just meet me then like maybe you will want to give people like me a fair shot or some rights like some room to exist Zafy field, true to what you were doing as a writer. Yeah, definitely. I think he will. Yeah. Yeah, I would definitely say that would say that. I think you know, people don't know what they don't know. They're very scared of what they don't know. Oh, what they think they don't know what they think they don't want to know. So I think for me, it's creating these worlds and putting these people in to those worlds and and giving those people voice and then give a, you know, there's this person up reading since this ship, who is an academic historian. She's done a lot of work around, quote, unquote multicultural literature, which is what it was called in the seventies. And I mean in the nineties, and then really. Bringing to late the importance of people reading across lines of race, class economic class, across lines of gender, sexuality, all these ways in which people kind of bubble themselves in only one kind of thing. So they don't. They never meet queer. People never meet people color or the Nimick went Leonard, meet debt people, whatever they put him quote other is, and I think that a me the literature was about, yeah, introducing readers to the people that they, they, they don't know, and showing the ways in which there is some way intersection -ality in all of us as human beings and yes, so so it is part of that bigger narratives that would trying to create without word. And then the part of me is like after reading thirty-something books in still having people Egypt's about some stuff. I'm just like, you know what? I'm done. That guess, yes, this is me clapping. You don't have to do all the work you don't have to. I'm I'm, I'm firming that. What is that feeling? Tell me more about that. The allies to step up right leg outside. Russ does not having to explain it and for people to come on their witness in speak, offend and induce some of the word. I feel like a lot of us have been doing a lot of the work for a very long time and. At what point are the people to do it? So I don't know. Yeah, I'm I'm sure that that is a feeling like, you know, he said, running thirty bucks, and then like in your books can still to the same conclusions. You know that that's it's RAD to have like a ceases statement that pushes you through the world, but then also frustrating when that thesis statement can stay the same as you've created so much art and as the art has been successful and you're like, I almost wish. I mean, I'm just imagining a Memphis ising that it might be a relief to have that statement be able to change for there to be like an adjustment, earn up dating like, oh, well, since we've gotten this far now we can work on this thing. Ethan, right. Even having a work get dated right. But the thing is like circle dated yet. Like how come someone him look at? If you come south land say, oh, that happened a long time ago. It would never happen now. They can't because this still happening..

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