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In whether you know turn of so races sort of it i can say sam selman is a races i don't know james dolan obviously it he walked pass it right now when no so for me to say that he's a races what i say was off but it was a third away oakley was treated but somebody days that would said about solves oakley from james dolan from the new york it's twitter handle the summit it days that we said about all clue what's wrong all right i mean if that last part was just said hey fern off i'm sorry dream on i mean you you you insinuate it it was a slave master mentality bye james all i mean seriously always want to take that any other way i mean come on i mean if you're going to say it owner comments just odom and you can say i should have gone that far i don't know the man and say all the things that you said but timmy and look silly when you say i wasn't saying he had the slave as or yes you work that's exactly what you insinuate exactly just oh that you're going to say that yup you agree i do i yesterday my i said that i wanted to hear his explanation i'm glad that he was asked about this yesterday and of course two or had little he was going down because you're pointed out yesterday that there are a lot of bad relationships that the between someone who works for you know people want to work for the other that and badly and then it turns into something likely not maybe not quite as ugly as they are goalie bad situation bad enough for people don't go back to stadiums are fields anymore and they're just battle i'll be on sports with out what happen in any walk of life and and there is and i think there was equally little question the james dolan held a horribly without horribly without a things that he went on the radio and said about charles oakley forward job lee is now saying that he doesn't that he's years still as upset as he was before despite the meeting involving adam silver and everything else that that now become separate to wit and what i said.

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