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They're shooting this movie and witnessed electroshock treatments, and he said he really wanted to see he's watched like four of them to get the right physical reaction to it. And I think that's what makes that scene. When you see them come back in your what what could have happened to this character that electroshock seen one? It gets close. If you're talking about like, that's the worst close if we get him when he's about to get electroshock their God. And the only thing that's really in focus is the plastic thing in his mouth to go from biting off his tongue to re before the plastic is shoved into his mouth, he gets one more like mcmurphy. I am not reading this room moment where he tries to make a mean joke about a nurse ratchet here. Let's just play that really fast. Sure. There might be a little fluid them boots. You know what? I mean. He's a little league light shine boys in Samna specimen did nurse ratchet. He laughs Aaron people just ignores him and then he gets electroshock therapy. And then when he comes back, I love that scene because it's basically just paying a mosh to a little scene from movie from nineteen seventy-one four years before we all know Willie Wonka wouldn't really want right crutches down the red carpet. Yes. About open up his Gandhi factory. He's an old little man. Everybody's sad. He looks like he's gonna fall. And then a somersault in that year. I totally forgot about that. Yeah. That's a great scene in both of these films. It's a great thing. Because I think you see how intense that moment is. And you don't know how he's gonna come back into speaking about these patients on the ward to one of them. They were actually worried about. In real life that he was going to have a mental breakdown. Did you know about this? This is Sydney Lhasa who played the character of cheswick, apparently as the shooting of the film progressed, he continually had these weird Radic mood swings and outbursts so much. So that he burst out in tears and anger when chief basically suffocates, Jack Nicholson's character hit to be removed from set the doctor who is in the film who was also there while they were shooting was like I'm worried about him. I don't know exactly what happened to him. It was just being around that energy. He got into a very dark place. I mean, I'm fascinated by that because cheswick is maybe my favorite supporting character. It's hard to say because every time the camera is on Christopher, Lloyd. I'm like, Christopher Lord is my favorite supporting character. And every time it's on a Brad Dorf. I'm like God. He's basically like I. Gen Caleb Landry Jones one of my favorite. I love it. I love it. Give you more. Danny devito's amazing. But there's just something in the broken of cheswick that glove. Harding to me are such an interesting Joe, I feel like watching them and their interactions with each other. Like, let's listen to them when Harding is getting picked on for all of the men implying that he's guy which was more clear in I believe in the book and cheswick trying to get favor anyway, he can by sticking up for him. And oh my God. It kills me. Oh. You're there all crowding in on your Mr. hiding, they all ganging up on that news that they sometimes want to gang up on me too. But as favor. Take it easy. Take and stay off my side. But I only want to I want I only want to help stat. But don't you want me to please? But that more one please that I only want to help you lease to ten CM. What breaks? And my heart about that. Is you know, you mentioned that the doctor that deemed Brooks was worried about cheswick Harding. Did you hear about this? No during the course of the film. He diagnosed the actor playing Harding William Redfield as having leukemia. God. Yeah. And he died the next year. Wow. That's a little on. Well, let me change topic for one second on talking about another actor. I think is a great comedy performance. And that is Scott men Cruthers. I love Scatman Cruthers in this. He plays one of the night orderlies. And there's a lot of big gets in this movie..

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