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An inside source tells The Associated Press President Biden is urging Israel's leader to stop the assault on Gaza and Biden face protest today in the US at Afford Electric vehicle center in Michigan. The president look to make the case that his infrastructure plans will help steer the nation's future. The future. Their auto industry is electric by a scheduling quirk. He was in Dearborn, a city nearly half Arab American and a few miles away. AH Mayor's A hair with a group called New Generation for Palestine, says the president's award criminal is participating in and funding the murder of our families. The White House is under intense pressure to intervene. Saga room agony. Washington The top GOP leader in the House, says that he's opposed to an independent commission. To investigate January's deadly capital incursion. The top Senate Republican, says he's putting the idea on pause. Today, The House passed a hate crimes bill aimed at ending violence toward Asian Americans enhancing reporting and investigation. The FBI is revealing its investigating the 2017 death of an Asian American teen in Colorado as a possible hate crime. 17 year old Maggie Long was set on fire in her family's home outside of Denver. No arrest was ever made. Police in the San Francisco Bay area are looking for one or more suspects in the fatal shooting attack on a party bus. During the early morning hours. This is AP News North Carolina prosecutor says sheriff's deputies were justified in the fatal shooting of Andrew Brown district attorney Andrew Womble says Brown's death was tragic and justified because Mr.

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