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You should believe in math not magic you're listening to the watch dog on Wall Street with Chris Moore Caskey I'm falling behind the eight ball covering a lot of ripoff scam around the the country and I I have to get into it I even listen next week on the show I'm I'm gonna probably really delve and to this because it's just it's becoming more and more and more I have one it's not getting the press that it deserves a lot of stories a lot of important things are happening this country that just don't get the press because everybody's occupied within a couple of things in what are you know the stories are not important but there are other things as well I'm story that we warn people about this was a big time big time Pennsylvania financial planner you actually ordered okay millions and millions of dollars in damages to customers that he tricked into high risk investments I think I was it was finally released kicked out of the industry in two thousand and fifteen he had some I'm not making this up he is not it is well his disclosures on his license was twenty six pages long twenty six pages long infractions examples of themself ripping people off I'm and you say to yourself well how in the world how in the world is this guy working I don't even bother keeping track of these people's records why if they're not gonna do anything about it if they allow them the continue to go on ripping people off and your well you know you're right why I don't know I don't know well I'll tell you why this guy this guy this guy he was allowed to continue working was because he made the firms that he works for a lot of money he was a big hi am adviser it was written it was written up in highlighted in financial planning magazines would be one of the best in the country don't they rate people best in the country by the amount of commission they do not know whether clients do Behrens all these other publications out there it's a clock this guy ripped his clients off to the tune of millions and millions of dollars and the firms that he worked for the compliance department allow him to do that why because they don't give a damn about you get it Ryan keep my cool here I then I guess that I've I've been cool doing rip offs and scams as of late sometimes I have to get a little fired up maybe just maybe if I get quite maybe it'll stay this thing through maybe people turn off the channel I want him to yell at them with you people have accounts at these big banks a big brokerage firms they don't care what was more important your account your five hundred thousand dollar check your fifty thousand dollar count your hundred thousand dollars your million dollar count or schlock broker that those millions of dollars in commission for them hi you'll lose money and then they are they just figure have most people and it's true most people are not going to file an arbitration plan most people just take it on the chin and walk away it's just the risk reward model for them you have to stand they don't care they.

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